Who wouldn’t like the opportunity to be paid for shopping? Whether you’re a shopaholic or a more frugal and savvy shopper, you can benefit from these innovative ways to save more money. Cash back shopping is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tactic for major companies looking to boost sales. Now, when you shop you can receive cash back on your purchases in more ways than one. Check it out below:

Cash Back Shopping Applications

With millions of consumers going mobile, the opportunity to capitalize on savings via mobile applications is prominent. While some applications require a subscription fee, they tend to pay for themselves in a short period of time. Saivian, for instance, offers an application that allows you to save on 20 stores of your choice every month across the globe.

Whether you’re traveling or at a store in your hometown, you can save money by simply taking a picture of your receipt. The company also offers the opportunity to reduce the cost of your membership by referring others. Users can withdraw their cash back savings on a monthly basis.


Cash Back Shopping Websites

There are cash back websites that allow you to sign up for free memberships and save money. When shopping at select retailers online, users are able to get cash back for their purchases. The percentage of course, will depend upon the store you shop in. After signing up for a free account, earning cash back is pretty easy.

Every time you’re ready to make a purchase online, just log into your account and begin shopping through the cash back website. Once your purchase appears in your account and verified, you will be issued a predetermined cash back amount. With stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy to choose from, you stand to earn a lot of cash back while you shop from the comfort of your own home.

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Cash Back Credit Cards

One of the oldest methods of cash back shopping has got to be credit cards. Credit card companies have been trying to entice consumers for years with attractive cash back percentages on purchases made with their credit card. Some credit card companies have upped the ante by also offer cash back on timely credit card payments as well. This incentive will help you earn more cash while also encouraging you to keep a good standing with your credit card.

There are plenty of cash back credit cards to choose from and each has their own rules. Be sure to read the fine print and only apply for a credit card that you can afford to make timely payments on – or else it defeats the purpose of being able to save while you shop.

Who knew that you could get money for doing what you do on a regular basis? Shopping online, in store, or even overseas can actually put more money in your pocket. Check online for the best cash back shopping sites, cards, and applications and begin signing up to save today. With the right combination of applications, sites, and credit cards, you might find that you never have to pay full price for anything ever again.