Sometimes you may in need of a financial loan and need it quickly.  The days of going to a bank and getting a speedy loan are over.  There’s always one meeting, then another, then paperwork, more paperwork, waiting, follow up phone calls, even more waiting and lots of aggravation and tension.  And you may not get the loan, in the end, making you even more stressed and anxious.

Logbook Loans have a fantastic system that is clever, simple and provided you own a motor vehicle, almost a surefire guarantee of getting the loan that you need.

So, how do you do it? First, you ensure that the motor vehicle you own is actually yours, that you have the registration papers, the logbook must be in your own name and you must be in possession of the DOT certificate.


Logbook-Loans will assist you and go over the necessary requirements.  You can contact them online or go into one of their many offices.  They will guide you through the steps and what you need.  If your paperwork is not in order for your motor vehicle they will tell you what you need to get.  The information is all online to speed up the process though.

Once you apply for a loan, online or in the office, a Logbook Loan underwriter will get hold of you.  Logbook Loans work with some of the best underwriters in the UK.  He or she will arrange a meeting with you and tell you exactly what you need to have for the meeting.  The underwriter will look at the value of your motor vehicle, and in some instances, will have it valued for you.  The entire process is transparent.

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Once your vehicle has been valued then a quote can be worked out.  The quote is based on the value of your motor vehicle, the amount of money that you need at the moment, and the amount of money that you can also pay back, depending on your income.  You do not need to worry about doing any calculations yourself; the Logbook Loan underwriter will work it all out for you, and explain the process to you.  And remember, you do not have to take out a loan for the full value of your car, you can take out a part loan.


We strongly suggest that you understand the process completely.  While Logbook Loans will do all the work for you, ensure that you are comfortable with the loan you are taking out and how your repayments will work.  If you educate yourself on the process and know exactly what you are in for, you will be in control.  You want a situation where Logbook Loans make some money and you get your loan without getting into trouble paying it back!  It needs to be a win-win situation, which is the ultimate aim of

So,  You have a car and all the correct and up to date paperwork.  You need a loan.  Go on to the website and make the application.  Read everything carefully.  Know that Logbook Loans are on your side and won’t actually give you a loan unless you are able to meet the payback requirements.  Logbook Loans are responsible as a loaning company and you need to be the responsible loaner!  Don’t ever get yourself into trouble by taking out a loan that you feel uncomfortable with.  Read all the terms and conditions and go over the small print.  And know that Logbook Loans are on your side.