With Christmas around the corner, you’re probably expecting a number of visitors throughout the holiday season, and like it or not, they’re all probably going to want to visit your bathroom at some stage. Unfortunately, the bathroom can often be the last place to be decorated and have the least amount of money spent on it, so you may not be thrilled whenever your guests ask where they can find it.

Since you probably have enough to worry about as far as your expenses go in the next couple of months, here are 10 tips to decorate your bathroom on a budget this Christmas:

  1. Give it a Coat of Paint

It’s amazing what paint can do when it comes to upgrading your bathroom. For the ceiling and walls, you’ll want to invest in mould and mildew-proof paint and primers which will give it extra protection in the moisture-rich area. Cover any surfaces which are looking dingy, such as molding, window trim and cabinets, or even old fixtures.

  1. Invest in some hardware

You’d be surprised just how cheap you can find sparkly new towel bars, cabinet knobs, toilet flushers and sink faucets. Visit a garage sale or antique store for some interesting finds to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom.

  1. Go White

Stick to basic white fixtures for tubs, toilets and sinks, along with white floor tiles, bathroom wall panels, backsplashes, ceiling cladding or tub surround. You can save a lot of money by choosing white, and it will stay modern and fresh for years to come.

  1. Choose Good Lighting
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One way to get a rich look for your bathroom is by changing the lighting- both the placement and the fixtures themselves. Hang a pretty chandelier over the vanity and replace mirror bulb strips with modern sconces.

  1. Use Fabric

Many people underestimate how fabric can be used in bathrooms, but choosing soft rugs and fun fabrics can make a statement and cover up any old stains.

  1. Use Art

A nice piece of artwork can greatly change the way a room feels, and draw visitor’s eyes. Some hand painted tiles or painting doesn’t need to be expensive but can help your bathroom feel unique.

  1. Accessorise

Many people assume that they need to do huge renovations in order to give their bathroom a makeover but this couldn’t be more false. Add some fresh flowers, a bowl of pretty stones or seashells or even a scented candle or two.

  1. Get Personal

While we have kids paintings on the fridge and family photos scattered throughout the house, often we forget to showcase ourselves in our bathroom. Have a family project day and frame some of the kids artwork, or put up some fun photos on the walls.


  1. DIY

If you’re the handy type, why not show off your skill? Buy a second-hand vanity and redo it or use old wooden crates for bathroom holders. Decorating your bathroom doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and you’ll be proud that you contributed the final touches.

  1. Focus on Storage

If you have a small bathroom it may feel luttered. Use shower caddies and wicker baskets and trays to get items organised and make your bathroom feel bigger.