In the last two decades, Montreal has slowly but surely built itself up as an urban paradise. The city is currently bracing itself for massive urban growth, with 50,000 people heading downtown by 2030, and another 50,000 by 2050. Buying a Condo in Montreal is becoming more and more attractive because of what can be expected in the coming years, and it looks like things will only get better.

Buying a new condo property is a major decision; so understandably, you need to give it much thought. If you’re not yet entirely sure that buying a condo in Montreal is for you, take a look at these 5 good reasons that may just convince you to put in an offer.

It’s a good way to beat the commute.

With more and more establishments setting up home base in Montreal, the job opportunities are abounding. And while a 30-minute commute doesn’t seem as daunting at first glance, if you do it every single workday, that means an hour of your precious time wasted on traveling to and from work every day. With unfavorable traffic conditions, it could take even longer. You can save so much time, energy, and money by living somewhere accessible and convenient.


Strike while the iron is hot.

If you’re looking at Montreal condos as an investment, then there’s no better time to strike than right now – while the iron is hot, so to speak.

You can take advantage of the relatively lower rates at present and buy a condo as an investment property. This gives you a steady revenue stream that’s almost guaranteed, given the number of workers and students that live in Montreal.

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Be where the action is.

If you’re a fan of living life on the edge right where the action is, then Montreal is the place to be. If you have a property here, you can live right at the heart of the urban landscape, where new things surprise you everyday and where all the happenings are. This way, you don’t need to travel far just to make sure you’re there for events and all the other exciting things ongoing in Montreal.

There’s no other way but up.

The good thing about purchasing a condominium now is that the rates are still relatively low. You have to take advantage of the low mortgage rates and make your investment now, because the way things are going, there’s no other way but up.

That means that in the next few years, property values in Montreal are likely to rise. If you already have a Montreal condo to your name, you can reap the benefits of your investment and either rent it out or sell it for a much higher price when the values go up.

Take charge of your own destiny.

The advantage of having your own property instead of always renting is that you are fully in charge of what you can do with your unit. Since you own the condo, you can practically do anything you want with it.

With these benefits in mind, it seems there’s no better time than now to find the perfect condo in Montreal and put down an offer.