The motorbike industry faces a number of issues, and one of the biggest is overcoming the struggle to entice new riders. We all expect to see old Harley-riding men on the roads, but the industry needs to ensure that young people continue to ride bikes, or it will have no one left to sell to.

On the bright side, more women are currently buying motorbikes than ever before. The Motorcycle Industry Council has been tracking data to ensure that the motorbike industry and manufacturers are able to quickly react to trends in the industry. Right now, the data from the MIC has shown that 14% of motorbike owners are currently female, and this number has been on the rise since 1998 when women made up just 8% of total motorbike owners.

And good news for the industry trying to capture the younger market, 17.6% of those women are aged between 18 and 35, 17% are between 36 and 50, and a tiny 9% are between 51 and 69 years old.

33% of these female bike owners own scooters, 10% are all about the sports bikes, and 34% like cruisers. 20% prefer off-road, adventure, or standard bikes.


There are many reasons why more women than ever are riding motorbikes. Many ride to be kind to the environment, since motorbikes use much less gas. Some prefer a bike over a car since there are usually lower maintenance costs, and they can buy parts and accessories online, including 4 wheeler tires, Metzeler tires for motorcycles, and a range of motorcycle gear.

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However for many women, the biggest reason they ride a motorbike is simply due to that feeling of freedom. There’s also a close, supportive community of women motorbike owners scattered around the world, so women thinking about switching to a motorbike are likely to meet a number of women of all ages who are also passionate about riding motorcycles.

The growing number of female motorbike owners is due to a number of reasons, but one thing is for sure, these numbers are showing no signs of slowing down. 1 in 4 motorbike passengers and riders are women, and around 25% of motorbike-related purchases are either highly influenced by, or made by women.

If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps, or simply need a new challenge, buying a motorbike could be the answer you need. A 2013 survey by Harley Davidson found that 37% of the women surveyed said that they always feel happy. Compare this to women who don’t ride motorbikes, and just 16% could say the same thing.

And for women who have been wanting to grow in confidence, it turns out that owning a motorcycle is quite the confidence booster. 35% of these motorbike owners reported always feeling confident, while only 18% of those who don’t ride motorbikes could say the same.

As you can see, there are many reasons why more women are buying motorbikes, so if this is something you have been considering, maybe it’s time to give it a try.