Moving can be equal parts exciting and aggravating. It would be absolutely amazing if there were some way to just magically transport your home and all the belongings inside to a new location. Unfortunately, a real world move requires a lot more work.

In the past we’ve provided tips on four ways to make the moving process easier. Now we’re going to take a look at the essential to-dos that have to be done in advance of a move if you want it to go smooth.


Line Up a Mover or Moving Truck

It’s not always easy to find a reputable, affordable mover and moving services. They are few and far between, which means they get booked up fast. Most moving experts recommend that you line up your mover or moving truck about a month in advance. If you are moving during the summer (high season for movers) then you may need to lock in your dates even sooner.

Call Your TV and Internet Provider

Hopefully, your current TV and Internet provider operates in your new neighborhood. Regardless, you’ll need to either cancel your service or update the location. Moving your service to a new location should be easy for anyone who uses a satellite TV provider like DIRECTV. While you’re on the phone with them, make sure to ask about available DIRECTV specials that you may be able to take advantage of in your new home.

Set Up New Utilities

Switching your utilities is a balancing act. You’ll want to have utilities at your old house up until the day you move out, but they also need to be set up at the new home on the day you move in. The more you can reduce the overlap the more you’ll save on utilities.

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This is one more reason to lock in your moving date early. If you know for sure what day you’ll get the keys to your new home and your moving services are already scheduled you can schedule for the utilities to put shut off without worrying about losing power. You’ll also need to verify if the new home uses a gas-powered water heater and appliances. Make sure the power is turned on at your new home before sunset on the day you move in or you may need to find a hotel for the night.


Change Your Mailing Address

Even though email is more common than snail mail these days, you’ll still need to change your mailing address. You can do this in person at your local post office or online. If you choose the online option there’s a $1 fee for verifying your identity. These tips can help simplify the process and ensure you don’t miss something important.

  • ·  Change your address two weeks in advance. It can take up to 10 business days for USPS to process your change of address form and begin sending mail to the new address.
  • ·  Make a list of all your bills and their next due date. Even if you don’t get the bill in the mail, you’ll still be expected to make payments on time.
  • ·  Set up auto payments if possible. Just make sure your bank account information isn’t going to change after the move.

Let Others Know You’re Moving

People at work and within your inner circle may know you’re moving, but there are a number of other companies, providers and government agencies that will also need to know about the move. You’ll need to update your address with your:

  • ·  Homeowners or renters insurance company
  • ·  Health insurance provider
  • ·  Auto insurance company
  • ·  Credit card companies
  • ·  Cell phone provider
  • ·  Your bank and other financial institutions
  • ·  Doctors
  • ·  Dentist
  • ·  Veterinarian
  • ·  Charity and volunteer organizations
  • ·  Schools
  • ·  DMV
  • ·  IRS
  • ·  State election office
  • ·  Social Security Administration
  • ·  Medicare
  • ·  Medicade
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If you have any magazine or newspaper subscriptions you’ll also need to contact those companies so you don’t miss any issues. Typically, you’ll need to mention the move at least a month in advance to avoid any disruption in service.

EXTRA MOVING ESSENTIAL: Talk to Your Home Alarm System Provider

If you have an alarm system there’s one more essential item on the moving checklist – changing your service location. You’ll need to do this in advance since your current security company may not operate in your new neighborhood. A professional may need to come out and remove any installed equipment before you move out. You’ll probably also need to schedule a time for the company to come out to the new house and set up the alarm system there.