With the summer days becoming shorter, we’ll soon be feeling a chill in the air. For many people, winter means added expenses due to huge power bills, and it seems like even if we dealt with the same problem last year we forget how large those bills can be.

Here are some ways you can save money in the winter:


Watch your Bathroom use

Switch from electricity heated water to gas, since you’ll find them up to 60% cheaper than using electricity for your water heaters.
When it’s cold we often take longer showers in a bid to warm up. However, this is one of the biggest ways to add money onto your bill. Consider setting the temperature of your hot water to 50ºC and install an energy-saving showerhead. Set a timer so you can stick to 5 minute showers and educate your family about taking shorter showers.

Wrap up Warm

While you may be inside, wearing warm clothing will allow you to save money on heating costs. Rug up with warm jumpers, long sleeves and thick socks and encourage the rest of the family to do the same so you can pay less for heating.


Service and Clean Appliances

Many people may be unaware that simply cleaning and servicing appliances can greatly impact your electricity bill. Defrost your fridge and freezer regularly and give them a good clean, and check the seals. You should be able to put a piece of paper in the fridge or freezer and close the door, trapping it in the seals, and if it falls out they may be loose -costing you each year.

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As appliances get dirty they have to work harder, costing you more on electricity and sometimes even becoming fire hazards. Every year before winter you should check your main appliances and give them a good clean.

Trap the heat inside

There’s nothing more frustrating than heating the house all day and realising you’re losing most of it. Plug gaps under doors, close your blinds early to trap in heat and check that they cover all of the windows.

One of the best ways to save on power is to invest in double glazing over the windows so you can trap heat inside your house. Another good idea is to check your insulation and find an expert to see if it has been installed properly. Many people are surprised to learn that insulation has different ratings, so check if yours is rated correctly.


Stay in

Let’s face it, one of the best ways to save money is to be a little less social. Going out in winter is often something you need to motivate yourself to do anyway, so instead of spending money going to the pub, invite friends over for a potluck dinner and a few drinks. This is a great way to catch up without spending a lot of money or needing to leave the house. Win/win.