Finding the suitable homes for rent is not an easy task. You need patience, time and a good resource to find such homes. But some tips can help you in that surely.

And you can say who am I to give you such tips? Well, I am a sufferer as like you. Rented all the wrong homes and wasted money along with my valuable time.

So, I have suffered and learned. I hope these 3 tips will be valuable to you and serve you well in finding suitable homes for rent.

render-1477041_640How Welcoming Your Owner is?

The most important part of renting a home is to check the behavior of the owner. I have faced some owners to be very welcoming and helpful, though for the first meet. After that, his behavior changed drastically.

I later found out, it is because to make me rent his house which was not getting so much of attention from the tenants.

Before renting any house I will recommend you to have a good chat with the owner in order to make out his mind. Those owners with masks on will soon get unmasked if you try a bit of sarcasm while chatting to check his sense of humor.

Is Your Owner Nosy?

The nosy owners are the terrible ones, who needs every information of your life. They just call you 6 times a week to check if you will be needing a shoulder to cry on or a partner for the crime.

I personally label these types of owners as ‘do not engage’ ones. So please make sure, your would-be owner is nothing like that.

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And if you find a landlord who is less bothered about you, mark my word and rent the house immediately.

boat-house-192990_640Quality Check:

Quality checking is very crucial. Check the condition of the houses that you want to rent and do not leave a single spot on the wall as later on the owner may blame you for that.

So, before entering into any contract check the condition of the place and mention all of them in it. Though if you take my personal recommendation, you must take those homes for rent which are well painted and renovated from top to bottom.

Also, check the quality of the furniture if you are renting with the house. I know some owners who are really wicked minded and play the blame game with the tenants in order to obtain money for new furniture.

Bottom line: You can check other things also. You can check on the neighbors and ask them about your owner. This will help you in two ways. Firstly, you will be able to understand the neighborhood well and you can also make out, that if your owner is perceived as a gentleman or not. Next time follow these tips and I hope you can easily find suitable homes for rent.