You can easily avoid breaking the bank when planning accommodation for your family trip by following these budget-friendly tips.

  1. Adopt Hospitality Exchanges

Couchsurfing is a great website that provides access to spare couches in people’s homes. You can sign up as a host or a guest. Hosts let travelers stay for free in their house or apartment, and guests meet hosts when they are traveling and have the opportunity to share an experience of their own. The website also allows you to earn back your hospitality by hosting other travelers on your couch!

  1. Consider Staying in a Cabin

You can spend less than you think on a cabin rental. Living in a cabin is a little like being back in your childhood. You can have campfires or make s’mores. You can even go fishing and stay up late looking at the sky. Learn to cherish the freedom you have now before you lose it. If you still want to be at a place that has amenities, look for cabins for rent at a resort or property.

  1. Rent an Airbnb

Airbnb lets you rent apartments from locals, saving you money on accommodation. In many cases, it is considerably cheaper when compared to a hotel stay. Sharing with the host can be an excellent opportunity to learn about a different culture and improve your language skills.

However, it is important to know that different countries have different rules and regulations regarding renting local apartments. It is best to read the accommodation details to avoid any issues thoroughly.

  1. Avoid Peak Season Rates

Some areas, especially tourist destinations such as Paris or London, can experience a significantly higher demand during certain seasons or months, such as summer or winter school holidays. By booking in advance, you can find more affordable rates for accommodation.

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Also, if you plan to visit peak season areas during the winter, it will be easier to find accommodation as tourist destinations host fewer people.

  1. Book with Group Rates

Most hotels and travel websites provide group bookings at discounted rates, often cheaper than booking a single room for the exact dates at regular prices during peak seasons. Therefore, it is always important to check whether your dates fit in the group rates or not.

  1. Contact Hotels Directly

Many hotels offer discounts for booking in advance, especially during peak seasons such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to contact each hotel you plan to stay at before traveling and ask them when promotional rates are available.

  1. Get Offers from Airlines and Travel Sites

Airlines often have offers that let you pay less per night if you book early online or by phone. These offers include free accommodation, airline miles, or even discounts. Therefore, it is important to book flights and accommodation in advance with the same airline to ensure you get the offer.

Likewise, travel websites let you compare prices and save money on hotels by providing deals such as a 10% discount when booking two rooms instead of one.

When traveling as a family, it is best to choose accommodation with plenty of room for everyone and provides everything you need to have an enjoyable stay.