While this is primarily a personal finance blog, the truth is life can be really stressful. We have so many things to balance and juggle, that it can quickly get overwhelming. If you’re finding yourself feeling stressed or constantly fatigued, then it might be time to audit how you managing your time and figure out if you’re having enough yin for all that yang.

If you find yourself frazzled come Friday, too tired to enjoy your weekend, then it might be time to start implementing some things regularly into your weekly routine to help you relax. Here are 3 simple ways to relax after a hectic week:

1. Get Herbal
If you’re constantly low on energy, it might be a good idea to have your bloods taken. It could be as simple as seeing whether you’re missing a nutrient like iron deficient or low in B vitamins. This is something you can only know with a blood panel test. If you’re concerned about your energy levels, then I would book in a consult with your doctor to see if there’s any correlation between your blood and energy levels. If you’re not sleeping well, then you have a few options to help with that. My first suggestion would be trying magnesium or melatonin – ask your doctor first of course as you don’t know whether they will interact with any other medications you might be taking. But these two supplements can have wonderful affects on sleep. If you prefer something a little more natural, then https://westcoastex.net/category-shop/ and Ignite Digital have some good options too. Be sure to obviously follow local laws when deciding what to use to help you relax.

2. Get Active
Finding a sport or physical activity you love is a great way to lower stress. When you exercise your body releases a ton of hormones that make you feel good and energised. I personally prefer to do sporting activities with other people as I really enjoy the social aspect too. Maybe check out what classes are available in gyms near you, or join a running or cycling team to get that mix of social and physical together. It might take you a bit of time to find an activity that you love, but once you do be sure to make it a regular part of your routine so you can reap all the stress-lower and energy-boosting benefits of exercise.

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3. A Hot Bath

I’m someone who really values a hot bath – add in a few epsom salts and soak, and you’ll come out of that bath feeling at least 5 years younger. If you’re not lucky enough to have a hot bath in your home, then many public pools have jacuzzi facilities. Although it might not be as relaxing as having your own bath in your own home, a good soak can do wonders for achy muscles and help you relax and have a deep sleep. I’m not sure what about a hot bath helps me sleep better, but I’ve noticed for years that afterwards I have a deeper and longer sleep than usual.

You need to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and balancing out all the hectic hours you’re spending at work with some nice relaxing things.