There can be nothing more frustrating than finding your perfect job to then discover that you were ill prepared for the job selection process and therefore the job was given to someone else. There are companies that can help you better prepare by giving you the tools to compete in the job market. For instance, by going to the website you can create your own professional CV. We shall explore CVs and other areas to consider that will improve your chances of securing that dream job.

A Good CV

It is essential that your CV is well written and only a summary of your educational and employment background. The first point of rejection for many candidates will be that their CV contains errors. That is before their skills and experience have even been looked at. It is important to say, too, that your CV should be individualised to the job that you are applying for, as a CV that covers all eventualities stands out as being one that has been sent around to numerous companies. It spells desperation, rather than the fact that you are applying for a job you know that you can do well, where you can be an asset to that company, and in turn be appropriately rewarded for your efforts.

Your CV should be concise because employers are increasingly receiving hundreds of applications for one post and they simply do not have the tine to read long CVs. With that in mind, your CV should be to the point but contain the main points. That is, those skills that are relevant to the post for which you are applying. You need not stand alone in writing your CV, though, there are, as mentioned above, companies that offer professional CV writing tools to make the task easier and to ensure that you miss nothing out that is important.

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It is important that before you make any contact with a company, you know all about that company. This will help you in writing your CV, in answering interview questions, and in coming up with interview questions. On the one hand, the internet has made researching companies increasingly easy, in fact they usually have their own websites; but on the other hand, provided you with no excuse in relation to knowing what products or services they provide.  

Apart from researching an organisation’s business in terms of their market and the services they provide it is also wise to think about their long-term prospect for being able to pay your wages. With public limited companies and limited companies, accounts are in the public domain or easily obtainable. Word of mouth might establish how well a sole trader or partnership is doing. You might find talking to some of their customers or clients gives you an idea about how they conduct business.

Practising Interview Technique

The best way to practise interview technique is to find a willing friend or family member to ask you some questions. Typically, a question that is supposed to help you settle into the interview and take away early nerves is: Tell me about yourself? It is a very broad question and for those that are unprepared for it, not necessarily an easy one to answer. The last thing that you want to show at an interview is hesitation when talking about yourself. It should be the easiest thing in the world. So, it is good to have something prepared for this which is relevant to the job that you are applying. Also, there may not be other questions that give you the same freedom and opportunity to sell yourself.

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Another good technique for preparing for interviews is to put yourself in the position of the interviewer and imagine the kinds of questions that they are likely to ask you. This way, when a similar question comes up, you have already prepared the eloquent answer that you are about to give.

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In conclusion, the aim is to make yourself stand out for the right reasons. This is achieved by sending or emailing a good CV and covering letter, having done your research already, and in being well practised for the interview that you already have a greater chance of attending.