Some people don’t understand why anyone would want to be an accountant, but if you love to problem-solve, crunch the numbers, and get organized, then you know why you became a CPA. With that said, working as an accountant isn’t always fun. If you’re experiencing burnout, you might find yourself questioning your job—and maybe even your career.

Burnout happens when you’re overwhelmed, stressed out, and working too much. When you start to notice that you’re feeling tired, bored, uninspired, and just plain cranky at work, then you’re very likely burning out. Here are 4 ways to fight back and save yourself—and your career.

Delegate Duties and Tasks to Other Accountants

People who are invested in their careers are often unwilling to delegate. They either feel that they can’t trust someone else to do the job, or they feel guilty giving tasks to others. Unfortunately, the inability to delegate can easily lead to burnout.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to practice your delegating skills. Are there some tasks you could easily give to other accountants? Could they actually do these tasks better than you can?

Different types of accountants have specialized skills that might actually make them better suited to some tasks you’re doing yourself. Take a step back and see what duties you need to be performing yourself and what you could give to someone else.

Take a Mental Health Break … or Even a Full Mental Health Day!

Burnout tends to happen when you don’t take enough time for yourself. Breaks are important for your mental health and can actually make you more energized and productive. Recognizing your own unique mental health needs will help you deal with burnout on a short-term and long-term basis.

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Whenever you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a step back. Take a break and try meditation or journaling. Grab a glass of water. It’s important to take these mental health breaks when you need them so you can reset.

When you’re really feeling burned out, consider taking a full day for your mental health. Sometimes, you just need a day away from the office to rest and do something you enjoy that allows you to recharge. Learning how to determine when you need a break is key for preventing and healing burnout.

Prepare for (And Know!) the Signs of Burnout… It Will Save Some Confusion!

You can’t fix your burnout if you don’t know how to recognize it when it happens! It’s a common phenomenon in fields like healthcare and finance, but not that many people know how to recognize the signs of burnout.

Preparing for burnout by learning how to recognize the signs is key for busy accountants. When you’re burned out, you might notice that you’re emotionally exhausted, you don’t feel as invested in your clients’ success, or you might feel like the work you’re doing isn’t impactful.

Everybody experiences burnout differently, but knowing common manifestations (like cynicism and inefficiency) can help you catch stress and overwhelm early. Feeling burned out can happen to anyone—prepare for it to happen to you from time to time. You’ll avoid a lot of confusion and potentially a lot of distress.

Learning Can Prevent Burnout! For Real!

Professional development is a great balm for burnout. We often feel the most burned out when we feel like we’re stuck in a rut and yet overwhelmed by what we’re doing. If you keep learning and developing your skills and knowledge, you’re less likely to experience burnout.

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While in-person events might be on hold, there are lots of online conferences you can attend to learn and feel more inspired. You can also take courses and get additional certifications. Not only will this help prevent burnout, but you’ll open up more career opportunities for yourself!

Moving Forward From Burnout

Don’t let a rough patch ruin your career. Burnout isn’t unusual or shameful—it’s a sign that you need to take a step back and figure out what changes you need to make. We all get overwhelmed from time to time. You need to be willing to take care of yourself so that you don’t feel resentful, stressed, and overworked for months on end. There’s no need for that!

Remember: you’ll do your best work when you’re relaxed and happy. You can move forward from burnout in accounting stronger than ever—and happier at work each day.