We often advise candidates on how to manage the interview and get started in the new position in the best possible way, but we neglect to see if the position we are applying for really suits us. A job that does not suit you is a source of stress, no matter how impressive the position. Research shows that dissatisfaction at work can lead to misery and burnout, which is often due to incompatibility. Let’s see how can we know if a job really suits our needs:


Question 1: Does my personality match the corporate culture?

The workplace contains so many details that are often unpublished, so it is essential to learn about the corporate culture before accepting the position. A corporate culture is defined as the set of principles, views, ethics (business ethics) and behaviours that characterize an organization and guide the prevailing practices.


Question 2: Is this job essential to me?

2 out of 3 full-time workers in the US suffer from burnout, and experts say one reason for this alarming number is that people do not understand what they are doing. Before accepting a job offer, ask yourself if the company’s mission and vision (mission & vision) are in line with your wishes and professional goals. Does the work you do make sense to you? Then you are more likely to feel pleasure and satisfaction. Do you just go about your business without feeling connected? Then it is possible to experience the signs of burnout earlier than you think.


Question 3: Are my personal values ​​compatible with the company’s values?

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The first exercise you can practice is to identify their personal values. We thus come to a very substantial understanding of what is really important to them. When you know your values, ​​then it is easy to make better choices and make decisions. Take, for example, an executive whose top value is professional development and recognition but who actually works for an employer who does not offer him growth prospects or rewards his contribution. 


We easily understand that he will not last long in this position because he will not be able to afford to be deprived of something that is so important to him. Even if he really needs this position, at the first opportunity, he will be given somewhere else where the conditions will be more compatible with his wishes. So what do you prioritize in your life? What are the values ​​you are most attached to? Record them, and then check if your values ​​are compatible with those of the company you work for.


Question 4: Can I be my real self here?

The way you choose to present your professional self can significantly affect how you feel about the job you do. The ideal is to find a workplace where you feel comfortable being your authentic self. For example, suppose you feel comfortable with a more relaxed style of appearance and clothing. In that case, you will definitely be oppressed, especially if you are in a company that defines Business Look as the dress code, and you need to be with the suit and tie every day. And the opposite. Some people need an environment that is structured, organized and with specific rules in order to function more efficiently.

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So when you think of accepting a job, remember that there is a difference between showing your best self and not feeling free to show who you are. Do you feel that you have to hide key aspects of yourself in order to fit into the company? Then it is very likely that this work will not suit you and maybe a source of stress in the long run.