With September almost over, we all know that November and the winter holidays are rapidly approaching too – and, together with them, we’re all preparing our pockets for Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well.

What is the best day for shopping, though? When are people spending more money? Which of these shopping events is better when you want to save as much as possible?

We have gathered some tips for you to remember – so read on and find out more.

The history behind Black Friday 

Although many people stay at home on Black Friday (except for those working in retail), this is not considered to be an official holiday of any kind. However, it’s the first Friday following the Thanksgiving and many of the employers will give their employees a free day to make this a long weekend.

Black Friday is a tradition that started in the 1960s, when specialists recorded larger sales on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Although it may suggest it, the “black” part of Black Friday is not connected to anything negative in nature – on the contrary, actually. Because 5-6 decades ago accounting was still largely done by hand, experts used black ink to write down profit – and considering BlackFriday was and still is one of the most profitable shopping day in the entire year, the name was found to be more than suitable.


The history behind Cyber Monday 

For many of us, it may seem that Cyber Monday has been around since forever – however though, it is a relatively new “invention”. To be more precise, the Cyber Monday tradition started in 2005, when analysts discovered that a lot of people returned from their long weekends and ordered a lot of products online (most likely due to their high-speed Internet connections at work). Ever since then, CyberMonday has become a custom all shoppers are looking forward to.

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Which one is best? 

Well, you may be surprised, but there’s not such a large difference between the two – not in terms of year on year increase, at least. According to statistics, the year on year growth for Black Friday was of 35%, while the year on year growth for Cyber Monday was of 34%.

The spending difference is quite noticeable, though. According to the same studies, the UK did spend more on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday – to be more precise, they spent a staggering amount of £1 billion  on Black Friday and only £943 million on CyberMonday.

Which of these shopping events is truly better when you want to save money? It all depends on a multitude of factors – such as what kind of products you want to buy, where you live, whether or not you are offered free delivery for products ordered online, and so on. My Voucher Codes will bring you the latest updates and discounts on Black Friday. Another great resource for finding discounts and voucher codes is Mamma.

Wanna know more about the savings? Please check out the following infographic to find out which sale day bests suits you!

Updated Black friday