Single sign-on (SSO) is a kind of password-less login method. If you do not have to remember and enter the password for your services, it will save time and money because you won’t need to pay for IT personnel or reset all passwords every three months when one of them happens to be forgotten. But still, using SSO requires you to apply certain measures.


Reduce Costs on Customer Support

Time is gold; while most people consider that price is everything they need to pay attention to when buying something, others see nothing but benefits without considering the cost. So, the company which can provide better customer support services will be chosen by customers. The problem is that with a single SSO service, you only need one password; so if your customer has problems with it and contacts you for help, there is no difference between the issue of single or multiple accounts regarding pricing – professional IT staff still needs to be hired to do this job. Thus, it’s much easier to manage issues for each individually provided account than dealing with them all at once because the enormous number of users is very hard to handle when contacting several companies to solve an issue.


Reuse Your Workforce

It requires specific skills and knowledge base to be a system administrator and time and effort. Yet, suppose you can reuse the existing workforce (different professionals need to monitor different accounts) instead of hiring new personnel or outsourcing your IT operations. In that case, your business will benefit from this situation greatly.

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Avoid Extra Costs on Hardware Technology Upgrades

When using multiple VPN services, businesses have to invest all they need into hardware to ensure that there are no bottlenecks; otherwise, the speed of data transmission will suffer, and so do users’ experience while using those applications. To solve this issue, you may use network load balancers that allow you to store all information about users’ connections in one place; thus, servers will see only requests coming from the load balancer, not from the real users.


Control Storage

Having multiple locations to store data is not only a security risk, but it also costs more money than having just one to maintain them on equal footing with each other. Besides, you still need to keep all software updated at every location, which requires time and money. To avoid these issues, storage services allow you to share the existing resources across multiple accounts, thus creating a single entry point for all clients instead of dealing with different objects for each account separately (which increases both support costs and storage size). Moreover, this eliminates the issue of data transmission since everything will be processed by the centralized server or cloud storage service apart from the client’s device.


Overall, using an SSO service instead of having lots of accounts for different websites and applications can save your business time and money. Thus, you will use expertise more efficiently due to fewer users per professional, decrease costs on hardware upgrades by decreasing the amount of data centers required and data storage space to gain time and avoid monetary losses. Furthermore, having one place where all data is stored also diminishes the risk of losing important information since it’s in just one location, which requires less maintenance than several scattered resources (from both financial points of view and security).

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