I know you want to get the most value for your hard earned money but do you have any idea how to do it. Oliver’s Travels has created an infographic which guides us on ways to achieve the most value for every buck we spend.

Are you a frequent traveler? Then I advise you not to spend your money on short weekend trips, instead book a 7-Day tour for African Safari. What if I tell you that in the quarter cost of an average US marriage, you can hire a private jet to travel from NYC to Toronto! Additionally, if you skip driving and maintaining your car for 3.5 years, you can have diamond, sapphire, and Ruby “Encapsulation” manicure. If you fancy traveling in Orient Express, just hold your urge to buy that pair of designer bags.

Be very careful when spending your money and I guarantee you can live a luxurious life. For more details, you can check the infographic below: