When you’re just starting out investing, you’ll want to find some short-term stocks to complement your long-term holdings. Short-term stocks are stocks you anticipate holding for three years or fewer before selling the stock or converting it to cash.

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)

Image via Unsplash by heinrich_boll

Big Tech plays an essential role in today’s market, but it’s also set to continue playing an integral part in the economy going forward. Microsoft is not just a blip on the radar, though. The company has been a big player in the tech sector for years, and its core financials and strong existing assets, not to mention a large customer base, set you up for big short-term gains or even longer-term holdings.

Microsoft boasts a sprawling software business that’s still growing. One highlight is Microsoft Teams, the workplace collaboration and communication software that is becoming more and more relevant and popular in remote work culture. Microsoft will have you in a good spot if you’re looking for a solid short-term investment in the tech sector.

Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST)

If you think of Costco for financially wise decisions in terms of stocking up on groceries, not stocks, you wouldn’t be alone. However, this membership warehouse is built for success in an economic landscape marked by COVID-19 concerns. Costco sales are up, setting the retailer apart from countless other stores that have been forced to close in recent months.

As a bulk discount retailer, Costco is positioned to thrive. Americans are looking to save during tough economic conditions while still bringing home essential items. That makes Costco a solid choice if you’re looking for short-term stocks in the current market.

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Nike (NKE)

Nike offers a large-cap portfolio anchor. It’s also a good choice for short-term investments. The consistently strong retail stock did hit lows during the worst days of pandemic concerns, but it’s rebounded extremely well in the time since.

Strong recent earnings show that confidence in the stock isn’t misplaced. The retail giant’s revenue fell only slightly during one of the most economically challenging periods in U.S. history. Nike navigated the economic uncertainty well, and it sets investors up for short-term success.

Chewy (CHWY)

Although the online pet supplies company is currently unprofitable, it’s quickly growing its top-line numbers. Revenue is rising, and the company fills a continuous consumer need. The company offers a wide range of pet food, toys, prescriptions, and more. A popular automated shipping option lets pet owners receive regular shipments of supplies they need for a discount, and it’s easy to reach their free shipping threshold when you’re buying in bulk.

Chewy’s margins are growing along with its scale. Analysts expect Chewy to become profitable within the next two years, and the brand is gaining loyal customers in the meantime. That combination is a good signal if you’re looking for a good short-term stock pick.

It’s a good idea to diversify your investments when you’re looking into short-term stocks and buy across a few different sectors. These top stocks can get you started.