Very few of us stick around in one job for our whole careers. None of us aim to become ‘job hoppers,’ constantly changing from one company to another, but nor do we like to stay in one place for so long that our experience of work starts to become stale. There are exceptions to this rule, of course – the self-employed and those in very senior management positions, for example – but the majority of us will split our working lives between several different companies and businesses. We might even take on a few entirely different roles and positions between those switches. 

One of the most difficult aspects of managing the trajectory of our careers is knowing when it’s time to move on. If we’re comfortable in a role and we like the people that we work with, it’s very tempting to stay put even if we know that our experience and qualifications would be enough to land us a better-paid position elsewhere. We worry about the move not working out. We worry about giving up something that works for us to take a chance on something that might not. These are completely understandable human concerns, but we shouldn’t allow them to hold us back when the time is right to seek new pastures. 

Ultimately, any decision to change job or change career is a gamble. You’re choosing to part with the money that you’re earning now in the hope that you’ll earn more money by taking the risk. That’s the exact same experience that players have when they play games at online slots websites such as That’s also how job-hopping can start! If a spin doesn’t go your way with an online slots game, you just spin the reels again and hope for better luck next time. That might be a winning strategy in online slots, but it isn’t necessarily a winning strategy in life. How do you know the difference between a good risk and a bad risk? Well, read these tips and find out!

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Your Skills Aren’t Being Used.

This is a shockingly common problem. As the workforce becomes more qualified and specialized thanks to the increasing availability of university degrees and diplomas, more and more workplace positions are being filled by people overqualified for the position. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking on a job to pay the bills in the short term, but you should move on as soon as a better opportunity presents itself. What was the point in you spending time and money on studying for a qualification or a skill if you’re not going to use it? You owe it to yourself to find a job that gives you the chance to use the skills you worked hard to acquire. Please go out and find it. 

You Can’t Progress

Some people are lucky enough to work in a company where their hard work is recognized by way of promotion, further responsibilities, and better pay. Others are trapped in roles where there’s no way forward no matter how well they perform. We call these positions ‘dead-end jobs,’ and there’s every chance you’re stuck in one right now without even knowing it. Small companies with few managerial roles are likely candidates to provide dead-end jobs, but it can happen in big companies too if senior figures are entrenched in their jobs and have held them for many years. Are you happy with the thought of the next five years of your career looking identical to the five years you’ve just had? Can you see any evidence that things will be any different? If not, pack your bags. 

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Your Home Life Is Suffering

Technology can sometimes be the enemy of peace. Ever since it’s become possible for your work emails to be directed to your personal mobile telephone, there’s been an unspoken-of expectation for employees to be ‘on-call’ long after their working hours have officially ended. People are performing hours of unpaid work from home when they should be relaxing or spending time with their loved ones. This isn’t desirable or sustainable, and your life will eventually suffer because of it. If you don’t spend enough time on the things that matter at home, you’ll one day find that the things that matter at home aren’t there anymore. Working late occasionally is fine. If you’re not getting enough time to yourself, your employer is expecting too much of you. 

You’ve Lost Your Passion.

Most of us go into a brand new job brimming with enthusiasm. We buy into the company’s mission statement and ethics, and we tell all of our friends how great our new job is. That passion will eventually wane when the novelty wears off, and the job becomes just another part of our day to day lives, but we should still care about our own performance, and also the performance of the company. When you’re tired of a job, that level of interest will disappear. You don’t care how well the company serves its employees. You don’t particularly care what anyone thinks of your performance. The thought of going into work in the morning makes you sad rather than giving you something to look forward to. If this sounds familiar, you’ve lost your passion – and you know what to do about it. 

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You’re Being Asked To Do Unacceptable Things

All of us, consciously or unconsciously, have a set of ethics. Our own intrinsic sense of morality governs these ethics. The company we work for also has ethics. Your ethics might not align with the ethics of the company you work for. Are you being asked to cut corners with the level of service you provide to the business’s customers? Are you being asked to brush complaints under the carpet when you know the customer has a good reason to feel aggrieved? Are you or your co-workers being treated poorly by management? If your boss repeatedly orders you to carry out instructions that feel wrong to you, then your position has become untenable. Staying will only make you more and more unhappy as time goes on, and so you might as well start planning your departure now. 

We only get one life and one career. We can’t afford to waste it on a company that doesn’t deserve us or a job that makes us unhappy. If you know you deserve better from the employment marketplace, don’t be afraid of going in search of it!