The AI empowered, British based tech talent recruiter, Distributed, has made public the news that it recently completed a seed funding round conducted with Fuel Ventures. The early stage seed venture capital fund based in London helped it raise £1.5 million. This brings its total funding to the sum of £1.65 million.

Elastic Team – which can be found at helps businesses deliver world-class results using AI and outsourcing. As the requests for Distributed’s platform have increased, the funds raised will be used to scale the company’s technological capability and client base in the UK.

Founded only two years ago, Distributed disrupted the way businesses work from 2017 till date. Customers in need of tech-based solutions can now visit the Elastic Team platform and provide a description of what they want to achieve. The AI technology designed by Distributed then works with a network of professionals to deliver the customer’s goals. The customer never needs to manage the professionals working on the project.

Distributed successfully got 50 clients on board between 2017 & 2018, and generated well over £1 million in revenue. Adding that to the funds raised in this seed-raising venture with Fuel, the company plans to grow her client base and workforce. She will take the platform public in October 2019, while at the same time raising her workforce by 600% to match the growth.

In the last two years, Distributed has entrenched itself in the UK market as the best possible product to help businesses deliver their digital work. To do this, they have partnered with already established companies like Mastercard, Sytner Group, Heron AI, REISS, and RBS.

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Recently, the CEO of – Callum Adamson, stated that he believes our world as it is currently is increasingly lacking in tech-based talent. To him, the idea of directly hiring or outsourcing tech-talent to keep up with the needs of modern businesses is unsustainable. According to him, Distributed’s “Elastic Team” provides a more sustainable solution to the problem. He believes that this global workforce, backed up by the power of AI, will ensure that the very best talent is paired up with work that fulfills them as individuals. Using the platform, organizations will always be able to find the talent that allows them to achieve their business goals and get a better return on their investments.

Mark Pearson, the founder of Fuel Ventures, also believes that the continuous desire for software development among businesses is gaining momentum at unexpected rates. He says that Fuel Ventures expects the demand to push spending into the trillions over the coming decade, where Distributed will benefit as the growth occurs.

He believes that the majority of businesses would be made better off by focusing on their own very core competencies. They are freed to do this by leveraging on the opportunity the Distributed platform offers to design and deliver better digital products for their customers.”

Callum intimated that this next stage of Distribute’s evolution will permit it to increase its staff. It will also build a better network of partners and speed up innovation on the platform. He says the aim is to raise the bar on digital work delivered, and that there is still a lot of opportunity in the UK.  The ultimate goal is to provide great work for millions of digital specialists worldwide, while at the same time resolving talent-sourcing problems for all businesses.

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