A subsidiary company of FDH Financial Holdings, First Discount House was founded by Dr Thomson Mpinganjira in April 2002. The organisation has grown substantially over the years, amassing more than 1,000 corporate and individual clients today. With a trading book size standing at MK21 billion, First Discount House is predicted to grow further still in years to come.

The mission of this leading discount house is to deliver first class financial services throughout Malawi, offering an effective avenue for investment opportunities that are flexible, negotiable, and profitable.

Under the guidance of Mike Chiwalo, First Discount House’s Managing Director, and Chairman of the Board Dr Nathan Mpinganjira, First Discount House enables its customers to build both their savings and a lasting legacy.

Licensed as a discount house in 2001 by the Reserve Bank of Malawi, First Discount House boasts a wealth of seasoned financial experts, priding itself on offering a comprehensive range of innovative financial products, catering for the every-changing needs of its clients.

Over the years, First Discount House has grown to become one of Malawi’s most reliable financial services organisations and is currently the only discount house in the country. First Discount House offers a variety of different financial products including:

  • Treasury Bills: Issued by the Malawi government in tenors of 91, 182 and 273 days, Treasury Bills are auctioned every Friday with settlement effected on Thursdays. Since they are government-backed, this form of investment offers a high degree of liquidity with zero default risk.
  • RBM Bills: Issued by the Reserve Bank of Malawi, these short-term securities come in tenors of 63 and 91 days. Auctioned every Tuesday and settled on Thursdays, RBM Bills can easily be converted into cash. Since they are backed by the central bank, they come free from risk of default.
  • Local Registered Stocks: These interest-bearing securities are used to fund medium to long-term government projects. Interest is paid biannually with the face value redeemed at par on the maturity date. Local Registered Stocks are a government-backed form of investment, free of default risk, with a high degree of liquidity.
  • RBM Bonds: This interest-bearing form of security is issued by the Reserve Bank of Malawi. With interest paid biannually, the face value is redeemed at par on the maturity date. Another form of investment free of default risk, RBM Bonds are issued for a period of 3 to 5 years. FDH customers benefit from discounted RBM Bond prices, as well as attractive interest rates for this long-term form of investment.
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Other investment vehicles offered by First Discount House include Repurchase Agreements, Bankers Acceptance, Reverse Repos, and Commercial Paper.

Dr Thomson Mpinganjira: First Discount House Founder

First Discount House later became a subsidiary of FDH Financial Holdings, another company established by Thomson Mpinganjira. Cited as one the most important business figures in Malawi, Dr Thomson Mpinganjira has created several leading homegrown organisations from scratch, including FDH Bank, as well as establishing the Malawian Stock Exchange in 2000.