You may think social media is just for procrastination when you have loads of work to do, but truth be told, it can be a true gold mine if you’re trying to earn some extra cash – and who knows, maybe even turn it into a full time job.

So, how do you earn money with your social media? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Become a Social Media Manager

Almost every single brand that respects itself is present on the social media landscape – if not on any other platform, then at least on Facebook. And the great news (for you) is that most of these brands don’t have the time to manage social media all on their own – meaning that they do have to hire someone to do it for them. Earn some certifications in social media management and get down to work – on a freelance basis, or hired as a full-time employee.

Become a Sorority Influencer

OK, this may not earn you actual money – but you do get a lot of gifts and benefits (and who can say no to that). For instance, you could be an influencer for Greek U by using your Instagram account. Yes, you can totally make this a real nice gig – and you don’t have to do much else than be Instagram savvy and gather a lot of following to share pictures of your goodies with. You just have to LOVE the Internet, really!

Create a Niche Account

Books, perfumes, makeup products – you name it and there’s a Facebook page for it or an Instagram account dedicated especially to the subject. Creating a Facebook page with a lot of following will help you push forward affiliate products they will love – and every time they actually make a purchase, part of that cha-ching will get into your pocket. It’s not easy to build a heavy fan base and keep them constantly updated (in a non spammy way), but this could soon become a very rewarding activity.

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Market Your Blog

By now, you probably know you can make money off your blog – and social media can help you make even more. With good marketing and a healthy approach to promoting your blog (as well as other interesting stuff on the Internet that’s connected to your blog’s niche), you can definitely reach for the stars!

The Internet is a true wonder – and if you love social media, you can definitely turn it into a sweet gig. Many influencers even manage to make this their full-time job, and they’re the living proof that yes, you can totally do anything you want in life.

We won’t lie: making money off social media is not as easy as simply posting a picture every now and again. But the results are worth it – and the communities you will manage will definitely thank you for your useful, heartfelt, honest pieces of advice.

Work hard and you are guaranteed to see the results you aim for!