Deciding what course to take at university is one of the most stressful decisions a young person will face. Some will play to their strengths, and others will just be looking for the quickest route to make the most amount of money. One of the advantages of entering the financial sector is that a lot of the internships are paid, which is a rarity these days. Note that the sector is highly competitive, so you need to set yourself apart from the other candidates. The question is, how? Read below for a few tips.

The first thing any company will look for is a genuine interest in the financial sector. Nothing demonstrates this better than a degree in a relevant subject. Dedicating four years of your life to a subject is a sure fire way to show your commitment. Many accountancy employees, for instance, hold a degree in a mathematical or business discipline. It’s not impossible to break into this field without a relevant degree, but the odds are definitely in your favor if you’re lucky enough to possess one of these degrees. If you have an aptitude for this kind of subject your hard work will be rewarded with a high wage and varied work.calculator-385506_1280A degree isn’t the only asset you’ll need to possess, however. Knowing plenty of people is just as important, if not more so, as knowing all about the subject. More than ever networking is a key aspect of progression within any career, with 50-60% of MBA graduates finding a job through networking. The emphasis on personal relations is clearly more important than ever. Contacts may help you to get a foot in the door, but it will be up to you to prove your worth with hard work and determination.

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There are all kinds of places that you can find a course in either accounting or finance, such as the London School of Business and Finance. More than respectable average starting salaries have made careers in the financial world attractive to many prospective students, which pay higher than starting salaries for arts graduates. Finance is the clear choice for any money conscious financial sector is also a varied field, graduates can choose from jobs as an accountant, financial analyst and buyer as just a few examples of potential jobs available. Students will be spoilt for choice. Since August 2013, financial services and banking job postings have increased by 15% on, so there are lots of opportunities available for well-performing students to take advantage of, often a rarity in today’s market.

This makes the advantages of studying finance clear. When you come out of your studies, you have the potential to earn a fine living and you have access to a wide range of opportunities. Finance is a go-to choice of any ambitious student, and will continue to be for years to come.

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