Do you think you have done your time as a low- and mid-level employee? Looking for the next step up, into upper management with an executive position, but not entirely sure how to get there? Then what you need is to attract the discerning eye of a headhunter such as Eagle Headhunters, instead of slogging between your favourite recruiters hoping that they will luck into having your dream job land on their desk, just when they are thinking of you!

Aside from an incalculable amount of luck being needed for such a thing to happen, an executive job will almost certainly not come your way from a recruiter, no matter how efficient, effective and friendly they are – think about it. How many executive positions have you ever seen advertised for the general public to see and marvel over? Very few, right? This is because above a certain level, we enter the recruitment domain of the headhunter, and it is this domain that you must be visible in if you are to score that dream executive position.

You usually cannot just go and knock on a headhunter’s door and ask them to find you a position that suits your ambitions. Headhunters tend to work in fairly specialised areas, and understand a great deal about the industry for which they are seeking candidates. They will ask very probing questions and may even ask if they can run a background check on you. This is not because they are being nosy or because they are trying to put you off, but is, instead, because they will do their due diligence before forwarding your name to the company that will take their word that you are an excellent fit for both the company and the position.

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You must also have an excellent track record in your field. It is not enough that you merely turned up for work every day and met your basic targets. Headhunters will be tasked with finding movers and shakers, people determined to shape and drive the impetus of the business they are working for, and passive acceptance of the status quo is no longer the positive it might be at lower levels.

You must have worked your way up in your current position, accepting new duties as they arose, and actively worked to keep yourself up to date with the industry’s advances, as well as being au fait with the news about that industry – everything from who has been promoted unexpectedly to the latest HSE guidelines about safety in the workplace.

You can get your dream job through a headhunter, and it does not necessarily have to be a difficult process. You should have overcome the difficulties already, by rising to the top of the crop through sheer hard work, grit and determination! All that will remain, hopefully, will be for the headhunter to shake your hand and lift their phone to make the call that will change your life!