Times are tough for most industries now, with world wide lock downs having occurred (and still occurring in some places) most businesses across the board have been impacted in some way. This means that we need to get creative with how we market our products, in order to increase sales and ensure our businesses thrive in these trying times. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas as to how to improve sales, read on to learn these 3 psychology tips that can help transform your conversion rate by using #SalesOfTheMind. Interested in learning more? Check out these top 8 psychology tips to improve your sales.

1. Don’t Forget About Music
Music is such an important aspect of our lives. I’m sure if you have a song from your wedding, you can simply play it and it takes you back to that feeling as a newly wed. Likewise, maybe there was a song that was blasted on the radio when you were 15, I’m sure listening to it takes you back to that period too. It can be a great way to impact sales, by having trendy music that resonates well with your target audience in your stores, you’re likely to retain customers for longer and in turn that will hopefully convert to more sales.

2. Create a Sense of Scarcity:
People want what’s hard to have, so if you can create an illusion of scarcity this will help ensure there’s an increased demand. You can offer a limited number of spaces in your next service intake, so that people feel they need to sign up quickly to ensure their place. You can also choose to commit to selling a limited number of products, so that will ensure that there is a sense of urgency to buy.

3. Adopt an “Us” versus “Them” mentality:

If you can make your product or service seem like a club people want to be in, that’s going to do great things for your business. If you want a real-world example, take a look at the whole Mac versus Pc debate, or Apple versus Android in terms of smart phones. People tend to be in either group and passionate about their choice to be in that group too. Mac/Apple lovers are almost like a cult, loyal to the brand and buying across the brand, this is exactly the kind of clientele you want for your business too.

You can use smart psychology tricks to increase your business and send your profits through the roof. Here are some more examples in this awesome infographic below:

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