Process servicing is the legal side of being a private investigator. It requires an overall knowledge and understanding of the legal system.

What is Process Servicing?

The role of the process server is to serve or deliver documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case. It is all about giving notice. The private investigator will serve these documents promptly and in accordance with the law and any special instructions. The notice enables the receiver to respond before the court hearing. The process servers colorado springs are an example of a firm that offers this kind of service.

What Does Process Serving Involve?

A “personal service” is where these documents are handed in person to the named person. With “personal service”, private investigators will first approach the Process Server to establish their identity. They will do this by asking the named person to acknowledge their name. If they refuse to accept the servicing of the documents, or to sign the Acknowledge of Service, then the Process Server will show the documents to the intended person. It is Process Servicing where the use of a private investigator is particularly useful when the person is unable to be found, as one of the services they offer is to trace and find individuals, through the researching of all kinds of records, private and public, and a knowledge of social media and tracking people down. If you are looking for a private investigator with expertise in this area, you can find a professional who knows how to trace someone With Bond Rees person tracing service. It is not, however, expected that the private investigator will wear a disguise when delivering the document. Private investigators are, however, very good negotiators in such situations in persuading recipients to accept such documents. A photograph will be required so that the private investigator can accurately identity the individual to whom the process serving documents are to be served. These documents need to be delivered in a timely manner as there are dates put on their delivery. Many attempts will be made to deliver the documents before alternative actions are taken. This will all be handled by the private investigator.

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“Service by mail” is another process serving method that is permissible by most U. S. jurisdictions in respect of service on defendants. It cannot be used if the destination country has filed objections to the service being used. This will then make it necessary to attempt the “personal service”, making it all the more important to have the assistance of a private investigator to carry out that visit, and in many cases, first track the individual to be served with the documents.

There are other ways that the private investigator will use to contact the recipient of the documents. These will include phone and address searches, paid or otherwise, the use of social media, and considering contacting other persons who know the defendant. This service will be carried out on a client’s behalf.

Information available on Service of Process provides more information on the subject.

What Types of Situations Require Process Servicing Documents to be Presented?

The typical situations where it is necessary for Process Servers to issue legal documents to individuals include matters of insolvency, summonses, court injunctions, non-molestation orders, property notices, and family matters. It will primarily be situations where money is owed to individuals or businesses, or where access is restricted between family individuals, often due to violence or situations involving threatening behaviour. So, naturally these will be difficult situations to handle but be one that the private investigator is highly trained in dealing with and legally enforcing.

The managing of legal processes requires a specialist knowledge that private investigators are trained and experienced in. It requires a detailed and up-to-date knowledge of legal systems that vary between states and countries.  It is also vital that all the correct procedures are followed so that a successful court action is ultimately achieved. The private investigator will ensure that these documents find their way to the correct person.

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