The morning commute is a great deal of stress for most people and this means that you often arrive in the office feeling flustered and not in the right frame of mind to start the working day. While the commute can be stressful, if you catch the train then this can actually be a period of time which you can use to set yourself up for a much less stressful and more productive day.

Catch Up on Emails & Make Important Calls

One of the best ways to use this time is to catch up on your emails and make any important calls that need taking care of. This can free up a huge amount of time once you arrive at the office which will give you the time that you need, plus you will have already taken care of key communication for the day.

Schedule Your Day

The commute is also a good time to make a schedule for the day. Having a schedule for the day can help you to maximize productivity so that you always know what you should be doing. The train journey travelling to East Croydon, for example, will give you plenty of time to work out how to best use your day.

Mental Prep

Similarly, this is a good time to get mentally prepared for the day ahead. You can use this time to read through notes, practice your presentation, get the latest details on an important project and generally make sure that you are in the right frame of mind to have a productive day once you walk through the door. It can take people a little while to hit their stride but if you use your commute effectively you could hit the ground running each day.

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You could also use this time to relax. You do not want to walk through the door in a negative mindset so taking some time to breathe, calm your mind and be present can be highly effective. If you have time, you could spend the first half of your commute being productive with the tips above and then use the rest of the time relaxing so that you feel calm and focused when you walk through the door.


The commute is also a great time to work on your self-development. This means that you could read or listen to podcasts which can expand your knowledge and abilities so that you can improve your workplace performance.

The morning commute can be stressful but it is also a great time for being productive and getting yourself set up for the day ahead. There are many ways that you could use this time but the above will all be highly practical and could have a huge impact on your mood and performance for the day.