If you find yourself spending more time at home — perhaps you’re a new parent, in between jobs or taking a voluntary break — it poses a great opportunity to establish a small-scale home business. Ever considered monetizing your natural talents such as writing, project management, design or crafting? Even if you’re not confident you could earn money from your skills, there are ways to build up your bank account by selling unwanted goods.

If you’ve been searching for ways you can make money from the comfort of your own house, here are some ideas to get you going:

Market research: get paid for your opinions

There are countless market research agencies asking for confident, opinionated and creative respondents to take part in all sorts of consumer insight studies.

Simply sign up online to receive invitations to studies that you’d be usefully employed in — you could be asked about anything from your laundry detergent, the food you buy or what you think about public parking in your local area. Market research is non-demanding and flexible; it’s an ideal way to make money from home.


Keep a blog: write your way to success

Blogging can be beneficial emotionally as well as financially — many writers find that keeping a blog serves as a creative outlet for them, helping them work out their feelings as well as being able to acknowledge the wonderful things that happen every day.

If you’ve got a favorite blogger who you love following and would want to mimic in some way, why not reach out and ask them how they got started? More often than not, successful blogs started at home in someone’s spare time. You may be truly inspired by their rags to riches story.

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Once you’ve got a strong following, you can look to monetize the content you create by sharing affiliate links, doing sponsored posts and allowing clients to advertise on your page.

Blogging is a great way to make money from your natural observational and writing skills, however, it is incredibly competitive in today’s digital climate.

Sell via eBay or Amazon: earn money and clear up space in your house

It’s difficult to enjoy your time at home if you’re in a cramped and over-cluttered space. Indeed, a tidy space equals a tidy mind, so you’d find it easier to relax if you get rid of the belongings you no longer have use for. This could be books, DVDs, clothing or even furniture! Any of these items could make you good money if sold on a web store such as eBay or Amazon.

Create your own online store: take selling into your own hands

Thanks to the ease of template-based website building, many sellers are choosing to step away from the likes of eBay and Amazon and establish their own online e-commerce store. You can find amble support from online sources on how to make a website in 2018, with many step-by-step guides offering advice on choosing the best web hosting, customizing add-ons and extensions and creating solid on-site content. They can even help you establish a user-friendly checkout system.

If you’ve got a talent in making clothes, crafting jewelry or homewares, baking cupcakes or bread… or any other potentially lucrative business, you’d be well placed to launch your own e-commerce operation from home. Try creating your own online store website and start earning!

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Write flash fiction: get creative

If writing fiction is more exciting to you than keeping a blog, did you know you can get paid per short story you write for flash fictions platforms? Flash fiction is defined as any story under 2,000 words, so it’s certainly a manageable medium to deliver in your spare time.

Websites such as Skillshare have a great number of video tutorials from successful and inspiring writers, who can give you tips on how to write flash fiction and get started constructing your own body of work.

Become a Virtual Assistant: make money by organizing other people

Have you always had a talent for multitasking? Do you have a reputation for being very organized and together? If so, you could prove a great Virtual Assistant for someone.

Many busy, high-flying individuals require an employee to manage their schedule, arrange appointments and keep track of their emails. The best bit? You can do it all remotely, from your home.

Get started making money from home

If any of these ideas stirred up some interest, there’s truly no need to delay in starting your small-scale at home business. Who knows, but perhaps in the future you’ll be expanding your small business into one that’s far greater.