The cryptocurrency craze has seemingly gone through the entire gamut of possibilities in its short lifespan. As a matter of fact, the value of the digital coins is so volatile, it can somewhat seem like it endures all of these highs and lows in just a matter of a month or so. Of course, investors in the coins go through all of these ups and downs right along with it. At some point, perhaps soon or perhaps in a distant future, cryptocurrency is bound to settle into some kind of static point from which it will likely operate. The only question is what that point might be.

For investors who are thinking beyond the rollercoaster ride of the present and want to know where their stake in cryptocurrency will stand in some distant future, this is the ultimate question. It seems like there are three outcomes which are possible, with the impact on investors being drastically different for each one. Trying to find out which of those outcomes will possibly prevail requires studying the tea leaves as close as possible. Or investors could simply hold tight and prepare for whatever comes next, good, bad or indifferent.


Option 1: The Takeover

Cryptocurrency’s truest believers can foresee a day when there is no more need for banks, credit card companies or financial institutions. At that point, the people who adopted these coins are going to be very wealthy individuals, and that includes the people who are just getting on board right now. The question, in that scenario, is if Bitcoin, as the industry standard-bearer, will still be limited in terms of the coins available, or if there will be some sort of capitulation to the intense demand. If not, then it might be up to the alternative coins on the market to fill what the insatiable need for coins for those who were late to the game.

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Option 2: The Coexistence

This seems the most likely future scenario for the cryptocurrency, one in which banks and credit care companies grumpily accept that there is enough of a desire for a different type of financial experience that they find ways to coexist with it. This could mean by adopting some crypto-like measures of their own, or it could also mean that they simply live and let live. You might think that doesn’t leave a lot of room for growth on the investment side of things, but there is still a lot of space for crypto to rise in value to even be a small part of the world’s financial pie.

Option 3: The Wipeout

This is the option that worries investors the most. And it’s the one where banks, governments and the powers that be in general crackdown on crypto in all its various forms until there is no way it can continue to exist. Investors probably don’t want to admit this one, even as it is admittedly the unlikeliest of the three, considering the foothold cryptocurrency has already gained.

Which one of these three outcomes do you foresee for cryptocurrency? That will likely determine how bullish or bearish you are on its long-term investment capabilities.