Brevity is the easiest way to go to the shopping cart. If you are not one of the brand copywriters, you still need a resume. This is the fastest way for an employer to learn everything necessary to them. The employer can ask you where you live and what positions you have worked in. But why, if he indicated that he was waiting for a resume, and hundreds of other people sent them?

Multi-vector approach

It’s cool when you manage to hire an SMM guru, an SEO god, a copywriter, and a sysadmin in one person, who also uses bullet journal supplies. But it is difficult to find such people, and usually impossible.

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Spelling and punctuation errors, typos, semantic and stylistic mistakes indicate that the cost of editing your work will be higher than that of applicants who sent more qualified resumes. And carelessness in the design suggests that you will allow the same negligence if you meet the deadlines, fulfill the TOR terms, and so on. Try to look at the free google docs resume templates and navigate through them.


You will save yourself and your employer a lot of time if you show an example of your work and tell them its estimated cost.

Examples of works

They will be asked about, so add them to your google resume template in advance — you will be one step ahead of other candidates.

Take criticism adequately

We always respond to each author who has completed the test and show their work, reviewed and commented on by the editor. We have had several cases where the authors concluded, raised their level, and returned a few months later to pass the test successfully. But there are also those to whom even the corrected errors seem to attempt to kill the genius in them.

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7 things that increase your chances of success

  1. Specialization. The most valuable authors in the copywriting market write about SEO, IT, and techies. So, if you have relevant experience or education, please indicate it.
  2. A clear price tag. Next to the links to the examples of works, put down the prices.
  3. Important facts in brief. In the cover letter or the resume itself, specify how many thousands of characters a day you can write, topics you are well versed in, types of texts, how many hours a day you can work, and so on.
  4. Top 5-10 works. Along with your resume, immediately send your employer your best or most diverse texts so that he can evaluate what topics and tasks you can handle.
  5. Results. If you are applying for a content marketer or author of selling texts, collect portfolios and cases to show off the effectiveness of your materials.
  6. Ready to perform the test. If you are prepared to write a test paper, immediately indicate it — this way, you will speed up the interaction process with the employer.
  7. Age. For a copywriter, age doesn’t matter. Yesterday’s schoolboy is the best author for his peers. A mature, responsible author with a broad outlook is just a godsend! If you’re in your 40s, 50s, or 100s, but you’re suitable for the job, no one will look at your birth year. Therefore, you can not write about your age, and even more so, do not justify yourself in the cover letter because you, being not a young employee, are applying for a position.