Investment processes have come along way with the expansion of the internet, but how has this continued to change of investments? With applications such as this being used to bring marketing to the masses, could this be the future of trading in the near future? In this article, we will be looking into the latest news surrounding Robinhood and the future of mobile trading.

The Influence Of Technology On Investing

Investing was one a task for those on the trading floor or those that had access to stock through their business ties. However, since the birth of the internet, it has changed as the investment process continued to gradually become more digitalised. With many companies aiding to make Forex trading much more reliable, there have been several new and exciting ways of trading on international markets that have proved profitable. With this slow shift to online investment came an interesting opportunity for the general public to try their hand at investing on a global scale. With international trading now available on several Forex applications, the general public has had access to international trades on an entirely new scale as up to date trading information has been made available with the touch of a button.

With access to a range of stocks as well as the ability to trade on the international market from almost anywhere, trading has since become much more inclusive. As a result, investing has been simplified with the help of technology allowing both individuals and large businesses to use technology to inform their decisions as a result. With foreign exchange markets averaging a total of $6.6 trillion a day in April of 2019, this is a market that has a huge amount of investment with a lot to lose.

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A Sudden Surge Of Investment Platforms

Along with the simplification of the investment process, there has been a huge surge in investment platforms providing trading on the Forex market. With several of these investment platforms providing demo accounts to aid those looking to trade on the Forex market, this takes a majority of the stress out of investing. This has helped to open up the possibility of trading to a new wave of young investors. These investment opportunities have only increased as we progress into the digital 2.0 era and is showing no signs of slowing down. With a majority of these investment platforms allowing for trades to be made on the go from a mobile or tablet device, the connectivity to up to date trading information has also improved dramatically.

Access to information such as this can transform the future of investments as the implementation of social trading and AI can monitor the market and work alongside investment strategies for the best possible results to those just starting out. It is this style of a Forex investment platform that has continually changed investing in the digital era.

Huge Changes For Robinhood Investment App

However, the implementation of applications such as this has been far from smooth as we have seen with the UK launch of investment app Robinhood. This application has a successful core business in the United States but was looking to make the move to the market in the UK in the coming months. However, a spokesperson from the company told those on the waiting list from the application had the following to say on the subject

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“A lot has changed in the world over the past few months, and we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone our U.K. launch indefinitely.”

This is a worrying sign for those that have been on the waiting list since November for the release of the app. However, it is important to look at the significance that this has on the future of Forex trading. With an application such as this looking to make waves with trading internationally and make investing much easier for those making the most out of these investment platforms, it is this access to up to date trading information that could revolutionise the way people interact with the foreign exchange market moving forwards.

What Could This Mean For Trading

With investment platforms such as this continuing to take off, this is a promising sign for the future of trading as the implementation of AI continues to positively impact trading as a whole as it has helped to expand trading to new audiences and boost the trading possibilities of businesses as this new and creative technology can help to reduce the risk of investment whilst providing you access to the most up to date trading technology as a result.

With this in mind, there are several ways that trading platforms have revolutionised trading as a whole with many more exciting changes to come in the future. Will you be using an investment platform in the near future?