The security industry is a large one, worth $350 billion in the USA alone. Though we might not notice its direct effect on our lives, it’s a very important service to society and industry as a whole. Shopping centers, schools, institutions, offices, industrial buildings, and even high rise residential towers might warrant the use of a security service. Many of these areas are patrolled on a 24-hour basis, with guards circling and monitoring activity manually aided by technology like surveillance cameras.

Hiring a security company to handle the safety of your residential or commercial building might seem like an easy choice, however, if you want to get a high level of service, there are some indicators you should be looking for:

Updated Technology

Having security guards just walk around a perimeter is not enough anymore. Technology has taken us forward and your security company should reflect that. Today companies are offering guard tour patrol systems, where guards tap with their mobile devices at mobile checkpoints on their routes to guarantee effectiveness and track their timing, etc. No more aimless walks around the area and never-ending breaks. Instead, you’ll be able to feel like you are making a real investment into your security, not paying a superficial cost.

Real-time Incident Response

In addition to other technological options, there are also software solutions that allow for live-tracking and mobile dispatch, meaning that an incident is responded to by the closest team member in the shortest amount of time. This allows for the rest of your security team to continue their work in securing the rest of the perimeter. Once the incident is responded to, instead of filling out an old-school paper report that requires long processing times, look for a security service which can do this online, straight from their mobile device. This means that the manager will know what happened right away and let you know within hours instead of within a week.

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Regular Reporting

As a security client, you want to see results. You are entitled to all manners of reports and statistics regarding the security of your space, whether it be commercial, residential, or other. It’s difficult to collect all the information from the last week or month if the company you hired is old-fashioned in their management. Make sure that regular reporting and statistics are part of your security package so that you have an at-a-glance understanding and better insight into your ROI.

Customer data access

The security company you decide to hire should be transparent in their operations. By choosing an option that has a client profile and gives you access to real-time information, you can effectively see where your dollar is going. It’s also a chance for you to check up on the status of things at any point in time and come to your own conclusions thanks to the data you have access to. You’ll also be able to track ongoing issues, open incident reports, and more. Having a handle on your security at any point in time is always a comforting and reassuring option.

Few people have experience in choosing and hiring a security company, however, it’s an important task not to be taken lightly. If you are trusting them to protect your assets, the public, or both, you need to know that you are going with a security management system that is committed to enforcing industry best practices. In-house security might also be an appealing option, however, ensure that your team is able to deliver the highest quality service which uses updated technology, real-time incident response, provides regular reporting, and gives you access to current and past information that could be of use to you.

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