According to the Newzoo and Eilers Research analytics concerning the social casino, this branch of online gambling industry is the most developing, stable and up and coming. By 2017, market will reach a point of at least $4.4 billion and this is only a beginning of a story. Despite the fact that this type of betting house doesn’t use real money, pallid statistics admits that at least in USA 46% of players devote money to this kind of gambling.

Now, industry is fast-evolving, the competition is not as fierce as within online casino market, so there is a place for growth and innovation. Do not waste your time and entrust creation of your site to the professionals. Here skills, knowledge and experience of the developers play the most important role, so it is essential to select the company that has a professional and creative team, customized approach and solid portfolio. Among many we can name igame software company EvenBetGaming  that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Excited friends gambling at craps table in casino

Social casino as a marketing tool

Putting aside entertainment of players and the possibility to earn money with help of payers’ conversion rate, it is one of the most amusing ways to create brand awareness in customers. It is a perfect possibility to connect new customers to your business and encourage loyal customers to come back again and again.

It opens new horizons. Usually online casinos are not permitted in many countries around the globe, but this kind of gambling does not involve paid betting, so it is legal everywhere. As a result, you get a chance to find new clientele at the places that were blocked before.

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Social gaming is a new and efficient way to connect with thousands of potential clients – new generation of gamers who prefer to select free-to-play games that are fun and entertaining.

Take an advantage of the social media

Never underestimate the power of the social media – it is one of the main rules of any marketer. For example, your own players serve as a marketing tool that attracts new customers to your business. Gamers are interested in a vast audience to witness their success, so they will add their friends on the social media to your casino. Your site will also be a perfect place to deliver targeted messages to your audience.

Follow social casino trends

According to the Eilers Research, creation of the active players network within the website will be a sound solution as players who communicate with each other spend more time playing and spending money. Today you may even find these games in Las Vegas – pure mark of the success!