It is axiomatic that there are things that money cannot buy, and in like manner, things money cannot replace. It is the second part that we often forget. And as a result, we lose a lot of priceless things to mishap.

But while many things are irreplaceable, they can be protected. That requires both money and diligence. Even so, no one has enough of either to keep everything in their life safe from harm. We have to make good decisions about what to protect.

So many of the things we need to protect are associated with a computer or smartphone. As reliable as these devices have become, they still fail without warning. When that happens, you will need a hard drive recovery service to help you retrieve what has been lost.

Not every crash is a disaster. But when the drive has to be opened up for repair, you don’t want to do it yourself. You need to take it to a company with a certified clean room for that kind of work. The other way to deal with crashes is to always maintain a good backup of everything you can’t replace with money. Here are a few of those things:



If your business is dependent on the people who entrust you with money, possessions, or personal information, then you have to maintain that trust by keeping their investments safe. Few people will purchase a safety deposit box at a bank that is constantly getting robbed. Once the trust is lost, so are the customers. And it is incredibly difficult to get them back.

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The same is true for sensitive, personal information. Lack of security can cost your business a lot more than you think. It is not just a matter of the information you allowed to leak all over the internet. It is also the customers who leave that will not be replaced with new ones. On top of that, you also have to worry about the inevitable law suits.

There are also irreplaceable business records that represent sales history, regulatory compliance, and customer data. Losing those things to a crashed hard drive is inexcusable when all you needed to do was make reliable backups of the information. You can always start a new business. But it is hard to recover from lost credibility.



Many people have yet to figure out how to move their photos from their smartphone to something a bit more permanent. So when their 16GB are full, they are done taking pictures. Either that or they start erasing photos.

Some people are content with moving photos to their computer. But even that is insufficient. Given enough time, you will fill that hard drive too. Then what? You can use a cloud storage solution like iCloud Photo Library. But that can start to get pretty expensive.

What you need is some type of large storage RAID system like Drobo or Synology that can store multiple terabytes of data, and accommodate new drives when the old ones are full. Your child’s first steps will never happen again. A picture or video captures the moment. But a backup protects it.

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School Projects

Perhaps you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have way too much homework and much too little time. But if you have kids still in school, they could write a term paper on the subject. Even study notes taken on an Amazon Kindle can be deleted at the whim of Amazon.

If your computer-wielding kid does not have a good backup of her homework, she could be the next Ellen Feiss reporting that the PC ate her homework.

All too often, the difference between a student project turned in for a good grade and one that is not, is how well it was backed up. Sending a child off to school with a computer, but with no way to get the work from the computer and onto something more permanent is an incomplete solution.

Once lost, some things are beyond the reach of money. Among them are credibility, photos, and school projects. make sure they are protected with one, if not two good backups.