In the UK, working full-time means that you spend 37 hours a week with your work colleagues. For some this sounds perfect, a break from the family, but would you really want to spend more time with your colleagues outside of work?

Well, according to a recent survey from Pall Mall Estates that asked 600 UK residents their work-friendship preferences 55% of us enjoy socialising with our colleagues. With women aged between 35-44 being the most sociable.

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However if we look at when we like to socialise it appears only 10% would give up their weekends, whilst 46% prefer to fit it into the working day. This explains why only 31% of respondents class their colleagues as friends, and according to social psychologists, good work relationships can have positive effects on wellbeing making people happier and less stressed.

If this is to be believed the most sociable industries should be home to the happiest employees, these are, processing, manufacturing, and construction. If you are in any of these industries, let us know your thoughts…

Although, personal reasons for socialising differ from affecting positive wellbeing with 42% looking for a pay rise and 21% a promotion. Alternatively, when asked what is most likely to encourage socialising outside of work 73% said free food and drink.

As well as those who like to socialise there are also people who would prefer to keep work and friendship separate. Whilst 33% of those surveyed put their lack of socialising down to not wanting to do something they may regret, others reported feelings of anxiety, or a dislike of their colleagues.

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For more insights, you can take a look at the infographic below, which indicates where, why and when we prefer to socialise.

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