Birthdays are my favorite time of year, but the last few years we’ve been unable to celebrate as we usually would. With that in mind, it’s just more motivation to ensure that we really celebrate our loved ones this year. If you’re thinking of throwing a party for yourself, or someone special to you, then you’ll want to keep reading to learn my top 4 tips for making a birthday celebration special:

1. Think About the Location
Where you choose to host the birthday celebration will make the mood of the party. I think it can be quite fun to combine a birthday party with an activity such as making cupcakes, throwing axes, or even laser tag. You can learn more about some fun activities you can do for parties or events to get inspired. By choosing to host the party somewhere, you’re taking care of a lot of the details in one step. I find that activity based parties are fun for all ages, but especially great for kids as they burn off steam.

2. Decorate
Decorating for a party is an important step, whether you’ll be putting a theme or just generic birthday decorating, there are a few things you can do to really make things special. I love displaying photos of the birthday person over the years, right from when they were a young baby all the way through to now. You can see how much they’ve changed and it’s always fun looking at someone’s baby photos. Why not get other people to help bring along decorations to help take some of the pressure off or their favorite photo with the birthday guest!

3. Think Practical for Gifts
While I love buying ridiculous and fun gifts, there’s something extra special about buying something practical you know they’ll use. Whether it’s a beautiful Montessori style childrens bookshelves for a young kid, through to something specific to help with your loved one’s interests such as a new yoga mat. By buying something you’re certain they’ll use, you can rest assured knowing it’s something they’ll find useful. It’s also a way to show how well you know them and care about their hobbies and/or stage of life. If you can’t think of anything specific, something good could be a voucher for a sports clothing shop if they’re into sports, or even a voucher for an activity they’ve always wanted to try such as sky diving.

4. Consider Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions
If you’re hosting a party with snacks, consider providing some foods that are ‘safe’ for most people, such as fruit and vegetable platters as well as other vegan or low allergy foods. I’ve noticed that a lot of people either have their own self imposed dietary restrictions, such as eating vegan, or others have genuine allergies such as lactose intolerances or full on peanut butter allergies. It may be worth asking on the invites if anyone has any dietary considerations they’d like to share so you can be mindful of that when planning the food and cake.

There’s something so special about gathering your loved ones to celebrate another year of life. Hopefully these tips help make the next birthday you plan really special. 

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