With many of us finally escaping the doom and gloom of quarantine, we’ve noticed something odd: our stomachs are rounder than they used to be. No, we’re not expecting a baby, but our addiction to fast food, delivery apps and unhealthy snacks has finally caught up with us.

Is there anything we can do to transform our post-COVID physiques into one that looks like we’re on the set of the movie 300? If you’re ready to get in shape while at work, here’s how to get started on your fat-loss journey.

1. Standing Desks

Did you know you can burn calories by doing virtually nothing? Before you grab a blanket and jump on the couch, hear us out: standing while working is one of the most effective ways to burn unwanted calories without additional effort.

Many forward-thinking workplaces have started to ask their employees if they would like a standing desk to engage with their tasks and projects. Not only will standing desks prevent potential blood clots, cardiovascular issues and numbness in your lower extremities, but they also burn anywhere from 20 to 80 calories per hour. Compound that over subsequent years, and you’re on your way to looking like a Greek statue! If you find it hard to be on your feet for substantial lengths of time, it might be worth finding out how much does it cost to see a podiatrist without insurance so you can get your feet taken care of and enjoy the benefits of a standing desk. 

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2. Pre-Cooked Meals

As humans, we have insatiable and never-ending appetites that we need to manage during our waking hours. Sadly, consuming fizzy drinks, sugary snacks, carb-heavy treats and greasy meals aren’t our best choices for long-term fat loss. If only we could have six-pack abdominals and ripped biceps by eating pizza and ice cream!

Knowing this, the best way to stay in shape while at work is to bring our own pre-cooked meals. But let’s face it: with our early-morning rush to get ready for work, we don’t have time to cook food. A proactive means of addressing this is spending a few hours each weekend cooking meals for the week. If you need a treat, reward yourself once and a while with a cheat meal, but don’t make it a habit.

3. Walk and Stretch

In some workplaces, walking around the property is allowed and encouraged. If you work in one of these environments, take advantage of it by walking around your domain. Stretching your limbs between meetings and walking outside around the perimeter of your office are great ways of burning additional calories and staying limber.

Even the greatest minds of our generation, such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, regularly took walks at work to think, strategize and stay active. If it’s good enough for billionaires, it’s good enough for us!

4. Hard Mode

For readers who want to go above and beyond, getting a quick workout in during lunch is your best bet. Powerful CEOs and successful entrepreneurs use any moment they can to break a sweat, and you should too!

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If your lunchtime break is too valuable, or you know you can’t sneak away for a 45-minute yoga class while your co-workers munch, that’s OK! Examine your schedule and find pockets of free time you can use for walking outside, taking a quick jog, lifting a few weights or getting on an elliptical. You can even multi-task by checking work emails or having a conversation with a colleague who tags along with you!

5. Be Innovative

Employees can adopt various strategies to promote health while on the job. One innovative approach involves the implementation of vape detectors in the workplace. These detectors not only contribute to a smoke-free environment but also discourage the use of electronic cigarettes, fostering a healthier atmosphere for everyone. Additionally, employees can prioritize regular breaks to stretch and move around, reducing the risks associated with prolonged periods of sitting.