When it’s time to move on and out of your apartment or home, you’re going to want your place to look as spotless as possible before new people come in. This is especially true if you are hoping to get a security deposit back from your landlord before you leave. When you’re doing the final clean-up, use the following five tips to make things go much smoother.

1.    Take Care of the Windows

Many people often overlook details when they are moving on and out, such as the windows and the blinds. Clean the inside and outside of the windows as well as you can. Clean off the locks, handles, and frames of the windows, especially down in the crevices where dirt hides. Then, use a small duster to clean off the blinds. Spray the blinds with a cleaning solution and carefully pull the duster through each one. If you are leaving curtains up for the next tenants, make sure they are washed and rehung right before you leave.

2.    Get the 3 C’s- Cobwebs, Corners, and Ceiling Fans

Many renters don’t worry about the corners until it is time to leave. You’ll want to grab a broom or vacuum hose and pull down any cobwebs that have taken up residence on your walls and corners. Look for dust bunnies in the bottom corners throughout your home when you are done with your ceilings. Next, take care of your ceiling fans-you’ll be surprised at just how dusty they can get over time! Make sure you dust everything before you vacuum for the last time to lessen the mess that gets left behind.

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3.    Take Care of the Floors and Baseboards

Your house or apartment will look so much cleaner if you finish the floors off at the very end. Carefully vacuum any carpets or throw rugs in the house. Put the brush attachment onto your vacuum hose to pick up dust in the corners. Grab a clean cloth and run it carefully along all of the baseboards in the house to clean them off. Then, sweep up the non-carpeted areas of the home and mop with hot, soapy water. Your home will shine AND smell as clean as can be when you’re done with it!

4.    Sanitize Everything

In today’s pandemic atmosphere, it won’t hurt to say that you sanitized your house or apartment as well as you could before moving out. Use a sanitizing spray to wipe down the most used areas of your home. This should include the bathrooms, living areas, kitchens, and bedrooms. Spray down sinks and garbage disposals. A sanitized home will not only look and smell good, but it will also make it feel clean and refreshed.

5.    Hire a Cleaning Company

Cleaning your entire apartment or home can be mentally and physically exhausting. Even if you do have the time and energy to box up your stuff and move your belongings, do you really want to do all the little details that will take many more hours out of your already busy schedule? A reputable cleaning company will be a great idea when you don’t want to clean every single nook and cranny of your home. Plus, many cleaning companies understand exactly what needs to be done when you’re hoping to get your security deposit returned.

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