Whether it’s your dog’s birthday, the anniversary of when you adopted your dog, or a holiday, you want to include your pet in celebrations as much as possible. However, you might not have the budget to go all out every time. Fortunately, there are ways that you can celebrate your furry friend while still going easy on your wallet.


A free way that you can celebrate your dog is by petting it more often and giving massages. This can be done anywhere and by anyone in the family. Find just the right spot on your dog that you know feels good so that they can smile in their own way and feel loved for the special occasion. You can stroke your dog’s chin or rub their head behind their ears as well. While petting your dog, you can watch a movie together or snuggle on the bed or on the couch as a way for both of you to relax during the day.

Go Outside

If your dog is like most, then it enjoys going outside. A way to celebrate your dog on a tight budget is by taking a walk together. Find a few trails nearby so that you can go on a hike. You can also go out in the yard to play with a few toys or simply sit together outside to enjoy the fresh air. While you’re outside, you can talk to your dog so that it knows you’re always there. Playing fetch or tossing a Frisbee around are activities that you can enjoy while you’re outside.

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There are a few treats that you can give your dog that aren’t too expensive. An option is to order a cake from a bakery online. You can get just the right size for your dog to enjoy alone or to share with a few furry friends. Another option is to get a box of dog treats and make a cake using a can of dog food as the base. You can also get a few fresh treats that are safe for dogs, such as peanut butter or pumpkin.

Playing With Friends

If you have friends who have dogs, then consider having a playdate so that they can all be together. They will get lots of exercise as well as the socialization that they might not get while they are at home, especially if you work all day or if there are no other pets in the house. You could get a few party hats and bones to give to the dogs that come to play as well.


Don’t forget to take pictures with your dog on special occasions. You can then use those pictures to make an album so that you can celebrate your dog every day. You can look back on special events throughout the year and as your dog gets older so that you remember what it was like as a puppy. Make it a family event by setting up a few different areas with props so that everyone can take a picture together.