Are you a first-time bridesmaid? Here’s how to plan a hen do from the moment the bride says ‘Yes’ to getting that first Prosecco in her hand and the sash over her head. We’ve included third-party goods so that you may navigate and enjoy life’s greatest moments. Purchases made via links


Planning a hen party might be stressful, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. Look at our step-by-step guide to planning the ideal hen party to ensure you know how long it’ll take and how to keep things running smoothly.

The Maid of Honour usually handles the task of organizing, but don’t be scared to delegate to the other bridesmaids. Some brides like to organize their hen party; hey if it makes them happy!


Step 1: Speak to the Bride

If you have been tasked with planning your BFF’s hen party, then the first thing you need to do is talk to her. You likely want to keep the celebrations a surprise but it’s important to at least have a rough idea of what the bride is expecting. Look at the questions below that will help you plan the perfect do for your best friend.


Do you want to go abroad?

A hen party in a hot and sunny location is attractive to many brides. Others would prefer something more local. Get some hen party suggestions from the bride; it’s not necessary to ruin the surprise!


What type of budget should we work to?

This is something you’ll need to inquire about with the other hens, but the bride should be able to tell you what budget everyone will be working under.

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Do you have any definite no-no’s?

Check to see if the bride has anything that is her worst nightmare! If she’s not an adrenaline junkie, don’t go skydiving. Also, if a stripper makes her cringe, don’t book one!

Are there any places you would particularly like to go to?

Check if the bride has any favourite cities that she would want to see. Is there a city she’s never been to but wants to, like Brighton?


Do you want to go away for one night or two?

You may run out of money, but first figure out what the bride wants – if she simply wants to go away for one night, your budget might accommodate it.


What is important to you?

Do a Google search for “most popular wedding venues” or “most beautiful locations for weddings.”? What is the most essential thing to the bride – a stunning site or a five-star hotel? Something more low-key and budget-friendly that everyone can attend? An activity she’s never done before. A day of pampering at a spa to unwind from planning anxiety.


How far ahead of the wedding would you like it to be?

The practice of holding a hen do the weekend before or even on the night before the wedding is no longer popular. Who wants to feel hungover on their big day, and who has time to complete so many last-minute chores?


We recommend having the hen between eight weeks before and two weeks after the wedding. All of your time to recuperate (if you do something exciting) will be provided, as well as plenty of time for the bride to get her preparations completed before the wedding. It is, however, ultimately up to the bride!

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Step 2: Create an Invite List

Create an invite list with the bride. It’s possible that this won’t be your final number, but it will give you a sense of the scale of the event you’re planning and ensure that you don’t forget anyone important!


What’s crucial is determining where she knows everyone. They may never have met, for example, if some are from school and others from work. An icebreaker is required to get the chicken started.


Step 3: Come Up with a List of Possible Dates

First, get as many available date choices as possible from the bride – the more, the better! Then obtain a list of “priority guests” that the bride wants to attend and run the dates by them to select one (or as many as possible) everyone will be able to make. Once you’ve finalised your choice, there’s no going back. As quickly as possible, have the hen and priority visitors put it in their diaries.


Step 4: Set Up a WhatsApp or Facebook Group

It’s time to get the group chat up and running! Let the rest of the hens know what you’d want to do on the preferred date and whether you’ll give them a clue about your budget so they have time to consider whether they can attend.


Step 5: Decide on a Location and Find Accommodation

It’s time to start hunting for locations and accommodations once you’ve figured out how many individuals can attend your chosen date. Airbnb is a fantastic resource for finding homes and apartments, but simply googling “self-catering residences” in the area can yield a lot of alternatives. In the city centre, if a cheap (but nice) hotel can save you money over hiring a house, you may discover that it does. You’ll need to decide whether everyone wants to stay at hotels or if some are only attending for the day.

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