Bingo is a popular game that transcends all boundaries and is enjoyed by people from all over the world. The Internet has rendered distances irrelevant and anyone can sign up for an account and compete with like-minded individuals from all over the world. Some counties stand out from the crowd with large communities, while others are barely catching up as bingo becomes popular nationwide. Britain is arguably at the top of the list, with the most players, but the US is a close second and quickly catching up.

Multiple options for English-speaking players

English is the most important language in the world and it is present in every aspect of our lives. Online gambling operators, bingo rooms included which can be found by visiting, use it as their default language. Many have the sites translated into other languages, but wherever you choose to play, the chances are high to be able to use English. In addition to having the site available in this language, English is used in interactions with fellow players.

Live chat features are incorporated on the platforms and punters are encouraged to interact with each other. The UK GC is one of the strongest regulatory bodies in the world and that’s why many bingo rooms are licensed in the UK. This doesn’t mean that they cater exclusively to local players and they would be happy to welcome the US audience. As the legal restrictions are eased nationwide, Americans are welcomed to try the games at international bingo providers.

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Tapping into a huge customer pool

The UK has a tradition in promoting bingo, with locals being huge fans of the game. They used to enjoy the land-based bingo parlors, but eventually many made the transition to the online arena. What makes the United Kingdom stands out from the crowd is the fact that the popularity of local bingo parlors endured. The US is not that different and Americans have been playing bingo for decades. They are also excited about the prospect of online games and have excellent Internet connections to promote these hobbies.

For the time being, the greatest obstacles are posed by prohibitive laws which still deny access to most forms of gambling. Bingo is special, because it is regarded as the least harmful form of gambling. This means that there are many states where you can play it legally over the Internet and many more are joining the fray. This is a good reason to give US a chance to catch up with the online bingo craze in the United Kingdom.

The United States has an obvious and immutable advantage over the UK. Its population is almost 5 times larger, so there are more potential players to join the online bingo rooms. In fact, it is only a matter of time until the US will overtake Britain as the country with the largest community of online bingo players.