Beyond your tastes, knowing that a wedding dress is just right for you entails a lot of searching and research. Plenty of brides have a set idea of what they want when searching for a dress and are quick to be disappointed when they realize it just does not work for them. Fear not, though, because there are plenty of tips that ensure that you find the right dress and that it looks the best that it can on you for your big day.


First Things First, What Do You Like?


Too often, brides are unsure about which style of dress that they like. Basically, if it is white, it works and everything else should fall into place. This lack of knowledge results in confusing consultations and dissatisfaction all around. To avoid any mishaps and awkward shopping trips, do some research into dress types. Gaze through magazines, scour the internet, read some blogs on what the celebrities are getting married in, or even window shop in order to compile a list of what you like. From there, try to put together a common pattern. Do all of your favorite gowns have lace? Are they strapless? Whatever the theme may be, it can only help you find a dress of your own.


Know Your Body Type


Each body type has a dress that fits it perfectly. Hourglass figures thrive in corset or mermaid style dresses, but fall short in ball gowns without cinched waists. Princess style dresses appear overwhelming on petite brides while flowy layers add length in all of the right places. Then there are gown styles that fit practically all body types, like empire cuts, a-lines, and tea length dresses. The same theory of knowing your body type can be applied when deciding on accents, including beads, jewels, and belts.

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Estimate Your Wedding Weight, but Do Not Shop for It


Typically, a bride plans to get fit before her big day. Of course, there is nothing wrong with planning to lose weight or tone up before the wedding, but shopping for a smaller size before you actually get there could result in not getting the real vision on how a dress will look on you. Additionally, it is easier to take a dress in than it is to take it out, so finding a dress your size or larger is ideal. During alterations and fitting, let your seamstress know if you are planning on losing weight, though.


Remain Open Minded


Too often, brides arrive for a consultation with their minds set on what they want. However and upon trying on several dresses, they fail to find the one. Rather than having your mind set when you arrive, branch out, talk with your bridal consultant, and opt to try on different styles. Keep an open mind while shopping and you may find your dream dress where you never thought you would. Of course, being open and honest with your consultant can help them guide you towards an appropriate fit and cut.