While playing in online casinos, players try to choose the most winning online slot machines, believing that they increase the chances of winning. This statement has common sense since the division of slots into low, medium, and high Variance and Volatility indicates the frequency and size of payments – check out Miami Dice Casino.

Besides, the RTP is always there to indicate the overall profitability of a slot machine. But the question is how these indicators relate to each other and the luckiest slots based on these concepts? Let’s find out.


All of the luckiest slots have one thing in common that features a higher RTP or Return to Player percentage. RTP is an indicator that specialists calculate for a long session, and it shows what share of the invested funds the slot gives to users. Typically, the indicator varies between 90 – 98%, and it is the percentage of bets that are most likely to be returned to the player, and the rest (2% in this case) will go to the online casino. It doesn’t mean that every player playing a specific slot will always be at a loss, as RTP indicates the percentage of returns for the entire time the game stays live on an online casino. So, RTP will have almost no effect for a player that Interacts with a slot for a few spins (up to 1000). So, if RTP doesn’t affect the short-term payouts, what does? Well, as per our experience, the most crucial lucky slot indicators are Volatility and Variance.

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Volatility & Variance

Volatility and Variance are often considered to be the same even though they are entirely separate values. The Variance of a slot machine is the risk factor that indicates the winning frequency of a slot machine in terms of total stakes wagered. In simpler words, the value means how much money you will have to risk to trigger a payout. A slot with a high Variance will require more money to trigger a payout, but the winning amount will be higher than a slot with a low Variance.

On the other hand, Volatility differs from Variance as it indicates the waiting period for payment or winning frequency in terms of time and has nothing to do with the bets. Thus, rare but large payouts characterize a low level of Volatility. In contrast, a highly volatile slot will produce payouts at a much higher rate through the size of those rates will be smaller.


Based on these concepts, we can say that the luckiest slot will be the one with the highest of the RTP, low-mid Volatility, and a high-mid Variance so you can have the best of all worlds.

The Luckiest Slots of 2021

Here are the top 5 slots our team has picked as the luckiest slots of 2021

  • Blood Sucker by NetEnt
  • Playboy by Microgaming
  • Medusa Megaways by NEXTGEN Gaming
  • 7 Oceans by Microgaming
  • Genie Jackpot Megaways by Blueprint Gaming