It’s never too early to plan for the future, especially when it comes to a sensitive topic like preparing your place of rest after your passion. That being said, you might not know how to navigate the prices of funeral preparations, even if you’re shopping in advance. You might be asking yourself, for example, how do you save money on a headstone? Let’s take a look at four budget-friendly tips for purchasing a headstone in advance.

1. Choose the Right Material

You might think that a headstone is just a headstone, but they’re actually made from a wide range of materials. Certain materials and material colors, like dark granite, are going to be much cheaper than other materials like marble. Make sure to inquire further about the type of materials available and which are going to be the most cost-effective so that you can stay within your budget.

2. Consider the Size of the Headstone You Want

Most people think of headstones as being upright pieces that most envision when they think of graveyards. However, those aren’t your only choices. In fact, smaller headstones that sit in the ground rather than standing upright are generally cheaper, costing you only a few hundred dollars. If a giant headstone isn’t a need, you can save money by selecting a smaller headstone as you navigate funeral arrangements.

3. How Complex Does Your Headstone Need to Be?

Choosing a custom headstone can be a wonderful way to make sure that your headstone says exactly what you want it to say and looks exactly like you picture it. However, it’s important to remember that customization still does cost. The more complex a headstone is, the more it’s going to cost you. You don’t have to give up customization entirely. You still want something that’s uniquely you and that you will be remembered by. What you do want to do is lower the complexity so that it’s less expensive for you.

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4. Take Advantage of Any Discounts Currently Running

Much like any other object you purchase, there may currently be discounts available for certain headstones from sellers who are trying to get rid of a certain type. Check to see if you can find any of these kinds of headstones either online or in person. If there are currently no promotions, don’t worry. Instead, ask directly if they have discounts frequently and when they may have ones available at reduced cost next. Just make sure to check and see if it’s really a discount or if you’re spending too much on a headstone that was already too expensive to begin with.

Shopping for your future burial comes with a lot of unknowns, especially when it comes to how to shop and how to save money to get the best possible deal. Making plans to purchase your headstone now will make it easier for your loved ones in the days after your death. If you’re currently looking into headstones for the future, use the four tips above to help you cut down on expenses and get a headstone that you’re still happy with.