Many people get stuck in a financial rut. Every month the same paycheck goes in, and bills come out, and you feel there is nothing you can do to change this cycle of ever-increasing expense. More substantial life commitments such as mortgage or rent payments are often difficult to change especially mid-term, but there is a host of other smaller ways you can tackle your personal finances to make your life feel a little easier. Overhauling your mindset and your budget isn’t an easy task. It takes planning and strong willpower to make changes happen, so how do you get the ball rolling on a better financial future?

Check out four ways to make positive changes to your money habits.


Budgeting better

One of the easiest ways to see how you’re really spending is to jot everything down. It might surprise you how much is leaving your account on a weekly basis, but this will set you up for thinking about your finances more thoroughly in the future. There are tons of budgeting apps available to help you track in real time what you are spending during the day. This can then show you on a weekly and monthly basis just where it all goes.

Can you get a better deal?

You might find that you get stuck with the same suppliers for household bills for years on end. This is often due to oversights on auto-renewal letters, or you feel you don’t have the time to shop around. Both of these reasons are costing you money. With the number of comparison websites available, there has never been a better time to switch suppliers and take advantage of better deals. To make the most of these offers, you have to be proactive to reap the rewards.

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Improve your credit rating

If your credit history is less than desirable, then you might be losing out on great finance offers, and possibly being affected by everyday things such as getting a contract phone. You might think that improving your credit score is impossible in these circumstances but using a credit card designed to help improve your situation such as Vanquis, will help you get back on track.

Try a no spend month

This is just as hard as it sounds but the rewards from trying no spend month will pleasantly surprise you. Of course, there are still bills to pay but completely wiping out all the small expenses such as a coffee on the way to work or buying lunch every day can really mount up. Starting small is key here, as trying to go the long haul with something of this magnitude will lead to failures early on. So taking it month by month is more manageable and will help you monitor your savings and progress.

Overhauling your finances is not going to be a smooth ride but getting to grips with the small things can help put more money aside for your long-term goals. Try out some of these tips today and see how much you could save.