Unless you’re part of the 1%, you probably think you’ll need buckets of money to have a good time. You’re likely to also assume, that once the bills roll in and the busy days stretch on, there won’t be enough money left over for your pleasure. However, that’s not always the case.

There are many ways to sneak a little ‘me-time’ funding into your airtight budget. Besides, life is crazy enough, so a little bit of unwinding every now and again is a good idea. With this in mind, here are six ways to treat yourself while on a budget.

1. Shop in the right places.


Yes, many people want to wear big name brands and strut their stuff in the latest, and most expensive, trends. But what if you could do all this at a steal? The good news is that many stores offer discounted clothes off the rack, and they’re just as stylish. Rather than repeating the same old outfit because you can’t afford your favorite brand, try off clothing (or outlet clothing), and you’ll see there is no difference in the level of quality.

Chico’s Off the Rack is one outlet that offers affordable, high-quality clothing. It’s a subsidiary of Chico’s and provides the same quality, variety, and uniqueness as the mother brand. It’s not just clothing that is available ‘off the rack,’ but you can also get some mean accessories too, at the same low rates. They also offer free shipping in the United States, as well as a range of gift cards.

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2. Do something about that beard hair.

After centuries of putting the clean shave on a pedestal, facial hair is now back in vogue. In the past, many men were discouraged by how expensive and time-consuming it was to maintain facial hair, especially beards with more volume. The good news is that a heated beard comb can go a long way to help with an unruly beard. Heat combs use ionic technology with high temperatures that help tame frizz and knots in beard hair, for better results and no heat damage.

If you’re after only the best heated comb, the Beard Struggle is one company that offers all-around affordable products for facial hair. This includes regular combs for beard hair, as well as the best beard straighteners, flat irons, beard brushes, beard oils, blow dryers, and any other accessories that you can think of, to get that straight beard look you’ve always wanted. Don’t worry about the length of your beard hair either, there’s beard balm for short beards, and many different types of heated beard brush, (a brush with a heated element,) to put some stylish curls into longer facial hair. Of course, you’d have to be some kind of daredevil to try that last look!

3. Take a nap.


If you work hard for every dime, or just never have a moment for yourself, then this is probably the most appealing idea. Even better is the fact that this option is completely free. If you have kids and/or work a whole lot, then a nap is a nice treat that you can indulge in, once in a while. Nevertheless, ensure that it remains just that: a treat. Also, understand the do’s and dont’s of napping before doing it every single day.

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4. Catch a drink with friends.

Do you know the thing about drinking with company? You often have so much fun that you forget to refill your glass. Through all the conversation and catching up, you’d be surprised that a single glass of wine or tumbler of beer is enough to keep you going. As well as relishing in the knowledge of how affordable the night is, the mere fact that you’re socializing will make it even better. In fact, there are so many health benefits of socializing, that it would be silly not to!

5. Cook up a gourmet feast.


Have you ever sat in a fancy restaurant and simultaneously had your mouth water and bank account cry out, as you look at the menu? Well, there’s a way around this. Why not take a crack at whipping up a gourmet meal yourself, and on a budget? If you have family members who want in, then let them! It’ll be loads of fun to prep and cook together. Then dig right in and enjoy that five-star meal.

6. Bake a cake.

If you’ve been trying to keep that waistline in check, then this tip might not initially appear to help, as cakes are high in carbs and gluten. However, as a (rare) treat, you can bake yourself a cupcake, or take it a notch higher, and healthier, with a carrot or banana cake. Since it’s not a daily habit, you’re sure to keep that weight at a level you’re happy with.