It’s difficult for anyone to begin the process of planning a funeral, especially when the grief of the loss of your loved one is still so vivid and strong. However, it’s especially daunting a task when you know that you’re constrained by a very limited budget. Just because you can’t break the bank doesn’t mean that you can’t plan a funeral that will honor your loved one with the dignity they deserve. Here are seven ways to plan a quality funeral on a limited budget.

1. Keep Your Decor Simple and Affordable

One of the costs that can make these gatherings expensive are the decor items, such as flowers and table linens. Remember, you don’t need professional linens or extravagant bouquets to honor the person who you’ve lost. You can save money by purchasing linen and decor items at discount stores. Furthermore, affordable bouquets from the local grocery store can be beautiful in their own way, especially when arranged with a tasteful eye.

2. Consider Going Digital

If you can’t afford to invite as many people as you’d like to, but you don’t want anyone to feel excluded, consider filming and streaming the event online. While this was somewhat unheard of before the 2020 pandemic, it’s now a fairly normal practice. This allows everyone to get a chance to honor your loved one’s memory without creating a situation where you have to host and feed a large crowd.

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3. Have a Potluck Reception

Catering is quite expensive, especially if you do end up hosting many people. A potluck reception where you ask guests to bring their own dishes to pass around will spare you entirely from having to pay a caterer, eliminating one of the largest expenses associated with funerals.

4. Talk to the Funeral Home About Options

Aquality funeral home will never judge you if you tell them that you need to plan the funeral and burial on a limited budget. In fact, they will likely show you packages designed for people who don’t have a lot of financial means, but who want to ensure their lost loved ones experience dignity and respect as they are put to rest.

5. Consider Cremation

Cremation is almost always cheaper than a traditional burial. While this may not be an option for some people, such as those for whom it goes against their religious convictions, it can bring down the cost of the funeral by a significant amount.

6. Ask for Help

People are sympathetic to those who are grieving. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help if you need to do so. You might be surprised at how much your loved ones are willing to contribute to help you in your time of need.

7. Seek Out an Affordable Reception Venue

You don’t have to have the reception or wake at a pricey venue. If weather permits, consider holding the event in a public park or even your own backyard.

It’s never easy to say goodbye and budget constraints can add to the pain of this. However, if you follow these tips, you can plan a funeral that both stays within your budget and honors the memory of the loved one you have lost.

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