At a time when many people are struggling with unemployment, debt, loss of income and other economic strains brought about or exacerbated by the global pandemic, many Americans are looking for ways to save money. During the pandemic, pet ownership has surged to record heights. A side effect of this is that many Americans now have the additional expense of having to take care of their pets’ health. In this article, we will discuss how to save money on your vet bills. 


The rise of pet ownership during the pandemic is due to the need that many Americans felt for companionship and something to help them cope through the stresses of the pandemic. So for many of these new pet owners, giving up their pets is not an option. Their pets are part of their homes. The question is how should they budget for their pet’s health care? 


When it comes to health care, you want to think in terms of prevention, not treatment. Preventive measures save you the high costs of treating your pet. No matter how cute plump pets look, a healthy pet is a slim pet. There is research, for instance, that shows that slim dogs live two years longer than overweight pets. Not only do slim pets live longer, they also develop fewer health problems. You are less likely to see chronic disease among slim pets. Anybody who has had a chronically ill pet knows just how expensive it is to treat. Overweight dogs are susceptible to osteoarthritis and overweight cats are susceptible to diabetes. So keep your pets slim!

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You also want to take care of your pet’s oral health. Oral health is not just about your pets’ teeth, it’s also about their gums. Again, you want to think preventively and in this instance that means giving your pets a dental diet. Dental diets are designed in such a way that they reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque in your pets’ mouth. You can find a list of products approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council and decide on what you want to get your pet. 


You also want to ensure that your pets’ teeth are brushed every day, or, at least every other day. 


Get rid of any bones or toys that you think could damage your pets’ teeth.


You should take care of your pets’ coat by brushing your pets everyday or every other day so that they don’t get mats or any skin infections. 


If your pets develop an ear infection, you should clean their ears every week so that you reduce the number of recurrences.


On a monthly basis, you want to clip your pets’ nails to prevent them from breaking off. Broken nails can be very painful and force you to take your pets to the vet. 

Finally, if your pet has ever had any anal sac issues, you should learn how to empty them. It’s best to empty them every month. You can find out more ways you can help preventive disease by paying a visit to the Pharr Road Animal Hospital.

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