Gathering together with a group of friends is a great way to celebrate a solar eclipse. You can take your party in many ways, so consider which one will capture the interests of your guests the best.

1- Solar Eclipse Photo Booth

While you will want to provide solar eclipse glasses to everyone, you can also set up a special area with props so that your guests can take fun photos on this momentous day. Buy or create a backdrop that shows the position of the sun and moon during the eclipse. Then, add crescent moon hats, starry headbands, or sun-shaped props so that your guests can have fun dressing up. Finally, add some fun frames mimicking the eclipse that your guests can hold in front of them.

2- Astrological Predictions

Invite an astrologer to your event to give your friends specific predictions based on their Zodiac sign. Ensure you create a space for the astrologer to sit while giving their predictions. Define the space with a solar eclipse backdrop. Then, add a small table and two comfortable chairs. Place astrological-themed books on the table to create visual interest. Add additional decor to the area featuring a celestial theme.

3- Outdoor Movie

Show a documentary about chasing solar eclipses in an outdoor movie theater. Ensure that you offer eclipse-theme appetizers for your guests to enjoy during the movie. For example, cut veggies in the shape of the sun and moon and place them on a tray for your guests to enjoy, or cut fruit into celestial shapes and serve them on skewers. There are several documentaries about solar eclipses, including The Great American Eclipse, Eclipse Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA, Easter Island Eclipse, Shadow Chasers, Baraka, and The Eclipse at Teregna.

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4- Eclipse-Inspired Poetry Slam

Invite everyone to an eclipse-inspired poetry slam. Ask guests to write poems to share during the event that focus on celestial beauty, cosmic wonders, the dance of the sun and moon, or personal reflections on the eclipse experience. Each guest can receive a pair of solar glasses for being willing to participate. You can decide if you want to use judges to judge the quality of the poems or just let everyone enjoy sharing their creations.

5- Solar Cooking Party

Divide your party guests into different groups and give everyone the same basic ingredients. Let them use their creativity to create a dish to be cooked in a solar oven or on a solar stove that you provide. Then, allow guests to taste each other’s recipes.

6- Solar Eclipse Cocktail Party

Sip on signature eclipse-inspired cocktails as the sun and moon align, creating an enchanting atmosphere perfect for celestial conversations and toasting to the wonders of the cosmos. For example, you could serve Cosmic Eclipse Martini, made by blending black vodka with tangy orange liqueur, or Lunar Lavender Fizz, created by blending gin, lavender syrup, and sparkling elderflower tonic. Ensure you offer at least one choice for those who choose not to drink alcohol.

7- Team Solar Eclipse Moon Mission Party

Create a simulated moon mission where teams must work together to solve challenges, like resource management, low-gravity problem-solving, and overcoming simulated obstacles. Alternatively, give participants various art supplies and ask them to create a space shuttle.

8- Solar Eclipse Scavenger Hunt

Write clues leading guests around your party area related to the sun or the moon. Then, leave a new clue at each destination. For example, if you set out some celestial puzzles for your guests to put together, then your clue might read “Eclipses can be puzzling, as you may know. Head to where pieces fit and creativity can grow. Find the next hint in a place where puzzles reside, and let your problem-solving skills be your guide.”

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Regardless of the type of party that you decide to create, ensure you give each guest a pair of eclipse-watching glasses for coming.