After all the children left the house, most empty nesters find themselves having the liberty to do what they want with whatever extra money they’re able to save. Additional expenses of raising children like clothing, food, education, extracellular activities, gadgets and more are suddenly gone, and it’s time to start thinking for yourself and preparing for an exciting new phase and your eventual retirement.

Here’s how you start saving money as an official empty nester:

Disconnect unnecessary services. You might not need that super-fast internet connection your son asked you to get, so call your provider to have it downgraded. Check to see if you have other unnecessary subscriptions like teen magazines and stuff. You’ll be surprised how much you can save every month just by disconnecting stuff you don’t use.


Consider downsizing your house. One of the most significant expenses any family has is either mortgage or rent payment. If you’re considering downsizing at retirement, you can just do it now anyway, while you’re still employed. If you own your property, most of the extra expenses – pool maintenance, heating and a/c bills, household cleaning and gardening services and overall maintenance – can be lessened or even removed entirely.

Get fewer groceries. This is a given, but most new empty nesters forget it. Your grocery bills will naturally go down with fewer people in the home. More than that, you no longer have to buy food you don’t want or eat in your house with the kids gone. The cookies, chips, ice cream and other snacks are no longer required, for the most part. This is a perfect time to assess your diet and put emphasis on what you need to eat and not what your children want.

Boost your savings. Many empty nesters are concerned about having enough money to be able to live comfortably in the future. If you have lived contentedly while raising your kids, assess how much you’re saving monthly now that they’ve moved out and on their own and increase your savings or 401k contributions when possible. Don’t make big purchases in the first year or so of being empty nesters and evaluate how much money you saved to put into investments or savings.

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Start a home based business. If you are good at doing or making something – painting, knitting writing, cooking, baking, etc. – consider a home-based business to earn extra cash without needing to spend weeks or even months looking for a job. You can hire someone to create a website for you and get started. Take advantage of the social media to promote your business as well. With the right learning attitude, you can make this fly.

Always get travel insurance when flying.  Now that you can focus on going where you want to instead of where your children’s vacation destinations, you’ll want to travel more. However, don’t make the mistake of not securing an insurance when you travel as the risk for your health increase as you age – you won’t want your money spent just to treat unexpected sickness while abroad. You can get an affordable travel insurance in Singapore online, and what’s even better – online providers offer an instant quote. Don’t leave home without it.

End Note

There you have it! Being empty nesters opens up a world of opportunity while relearning to live with just the both of you – and finding happiness and contentment while you’re at it. And it doesn’t hurt to earn extra savings along the way. Best of luck!