Staying frugal might be challenging for some couples. Your partner could be a spender while you are trying your best not to overspend. This could be a problem and might be the main reason for your relationship to end.

You are lucky if both of you are sharing the same values when it comes to finances. But that isn’t the case for most, so here some of the ways to get your spouse to be frugal.

Get on the Same Page with Your Partner

The first thing to do is to initiate a conversation with your partner. Even if this can be difficult, talk to your spouse about your finances regularly. Know where your partner is coming from when it comes to spending. Be understanding with their perspective.

You and your spouse have a different upbringing so, it is better to keep an open mind during the conversation. While you are trying to understand their side, try to bring the topic about being frugal. Make sure that it is smooth and not offensive.

The key to getting your partner engaged in this conversation is to accept their viewpoint.

Motivate Them

Having a healthy frugal habit might be a difficult struggle for your partner. It would be nice if you will stay with them along the way. Know things that would motivate them.

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Try to encourage them by complimenting or praising them whenever they practice healthy frugal habits. Also, try to give them things that they want as a reward when they practice frugality.

You can also set an individual monthly allowance. This way, they can still spend money whichever way they want. Plus, you could also find ways to save money like couponing. Using coupons is a fantastic method to reduce the cost of your purchases. For instance, if your spouse enjoys hobbies in the great outdoors such as fishing, hunting, or boating, you can use coupons in stores like Bass Pro Shops when stocking up on the latest gear. You can get more information about how to use coupons to your advantage by taking a look at some of the helpful resources on the Raise website.

Teach Your Spouse to be Frugal

As much as possible, do not try to preach your partner. Preaching doesn’t always work the way we want. You can instead teach them about being frugal. Here are things that you can teach to your partner.

●    Benefits of Frugality

Emphasize the benefits of being frugal to your partner. Tell your partner how frugality can help you with keeping healthy financial habits.

Tell them you don’t necessarily have to deprive yourself to be frugal. You can still achieve a healthy lifestyle while spending less. Try to visualize your financial goals together and the benefits of frugality to your goals.

●    Risks If You are Not Frugal

There are certain risks for overspending. You should talk about this with your spouse. Tell them the pros and cons of being frugal. Once they know these, they might be encouraged to spend less.

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Be sure to provide pros that will outweigh the potential cons. This way, your partner will be more focused with your goals.

Differentiate Frugal and Cheap

Another thing you need to emphasize with your partner is knowing the difference between frugal and cheap.

Tell them that frugality is spending only on things that are important. Put in mind that frugality is healthy spending. There are people who would buy cheap items without realizing their importance.

For example, your partner buys a cheap watch even though he still has a watch that still works well. Take note that your partner doesn’t need the watch at that time. If he or she is frugal, she would buy a watch at a reasonable price only when needed.


You might consider compromising for your partner. If you think you have already tried everything but your partner is still struggling hard with being frugal, then you should compromise.

Set a level of frugality that both of you would agree on. Help your partner along the way. If you usually go on a date out more than three times in a week, you can lessen it into at least twice or once in a week.

If your partner is used to luxurious outings and vacations, talk to your partner about it. Before going for an outing or vacation, set a budget for it. Put in mind that you should not go beyond your allotted budget.

If your partner is accustomed to buying pricey gifts on events, encourage him to take advantage of sales. Try some other frugal ways to entertain each other. Emphasize the importance of frugality in your relationship.

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Add to that, as a couple, you can build your credit scores together. Once you need a higher ticket purchase like a car or a bigger house, it will be easier for you to get a higher loan amount from banks. This is because legal lenders are required by law to report payment habits of borrowers to the credit bureau.

Have Fun While Being Frugal

Setting date money with your partner is another way to be frugal while having fun. You can have a date in a public place. But first, you need to set a date budget with your partner. Make sure that you will both stick to your settled date money.

You can allocate date money at least once a month or once a week. But that depends on your income and on your set schedule.

There are many other ways that could bring fun into your relationship while being frugal. You can set dinner together or cook something fancy for your partner. You can also have a movie date night with them.

The best way to stick on a frugal habit is to always practice it together. Be with them when you think that they are already struggling.